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Part Name(s) : SII9287B SII9287BCNU
Description : HDMI Port Processor with InstaPort Viewing Technology

[Silicon Image, Inc.]

The SiI9287B HDMI Port Processor with InstaPort Viewing Technology is the second generation of HDMI® devices that supPort the HDMI Specification.
With four HDMI inputs and a single output, the SiI9287B Port Processor enhances the functionality of digital TVs using single system on a chip (SoC) solutions with integrated HDMI receivers. The Port Processor provides a simple, low-cost method of retransmitting digital audio and video to give consumers a truly all-digital experience. Built-in backward compatibility with DVI 1.0 allows HDMI systems to connect to any DVI 1.0 source.

The SiI9287B device brings cutting edge innovations, such as:
• InstaPort™ viewing technology that reduces Port
   switching time to less than one second
• Enhanced cable equalization for long cable
   support, even at Deep Color resolutions that
   enables the SiI9287B device to work with noisy
   signals and many sources, making the sink devices
   highly interoperable
• Integrated EDID and CEC functions
• Improved ESD protection on all signals connected
   to the HDMI connector.
HDMI Inputs and Output
Four HDMI input Ports and single output Port support:
HDMI, HDCP, and DVI compatibility
• TMDS™ cores run at 25–225 MHz
• Supports video resolutions up to 1080p, 60 Hz, 12-
   bit or 720p/1080i, 120 Hz, 12-bit.

Control Capability
• Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) interface
   Inc.rporates an HDMI-compliant CEC I/O and an
   integrated CEC Programming Interface (CPI);
   these simplify design and lower cost and software
• Integrated EDID and DDC supPort for 4
   HDMI/DVI Ports and 1 VGA Port with a 256-byte
   NVRAM shared between Ports that loads into
   separate 256-byte SRAM for each of 5 Ports
• Individual control of Hot Plug Detect (HPD) for
   each of the 4 HDMI/DVI Ports
• TPWR (TMDS clock detect) output to help speed
   soft mute of audio while plugging and unplugging
• Controllable by the local I2C bus.

Power Management
• Flexible power management provides extremely
   low standby power consumption
• Standby power can be supplied from an HDMI 5-V
   signal or from a separate +3.3 V or 5 V standby
   power pin
Port power only can be used to read EDID
• Single power 3.3-V source
• Integrated 5 V to 3.3 V Voltage regulator.

• 72-pin, 10 mm x 10 mm, 0.5 mm pitch QFN
   package with enhanced ePad™.

Part Name(s) : SII1292
Description : MHL™/HDMI®-to-HDMI Bridge

[Silicon Image]

Single-port, auto-sensing, MHL/HDMI-to-HDMI bridge device for HD audio and video connectivity to HDTVs, PC monitors, projectors, and multi-function monitors (MFMs)

The SiI1292 enables an existing HDMI input to upgrade to a low-power, auto-sensing MHL/HDMI input solution, which facilitates HD audio and video connectivity between MHL-enabled mobile devices and HDTVs, PC monitors, projectors and MFMs.

Key Features
◆ Dual-mode MHL or HDMI input
◆ Adaptive equalizer for HDMI long-cable support
◆ Low BOM cost

Benefits Summary
◆ Low-power consumption
◆ Small package
◆ Adds MHL to one HDMI Port

◆ MHL-enabled HDTVs
◆ MHL-enabled PC Monitors
◆ MHL-enabled Projectors
◆ MHL-enabled MFMs

Industry-Standard Compliance
HDMI 1.4

Description : 10-Bit Integrated, Multiformat SDTV/HDTV Video Decoder, RGB Graphics Digitizer, and 2:1 Multiplexed HDMI/DVI Interface


The ADV7441A is a high quality multiformat video decoder and graphics digitizer with an integrated 2:1 multiplexed HDMI™ receiver.

The ADV7441A contains two main processing sections. The first section is the standard definition Processor (SDP), which processes all types of PAL, NTSC, and SECAM signals. The second section is the component Processor (CP), which processes YPrPb and RGB component formats, Inc.uding RGB graphics. The CP also processes the video signals from the HDMI receiver. The ADV7441A can keep the HDCP link between a HDMI source and the selected HDMI Port active in analog mode operation. This allows for fast switching between the analog and HDMI modes.


Analog Devices
Analog Devices
Description : MIPI/DSI Receiver with HDMI Transmitter


The ADV7533 is a multifunction video interface chip. The ADV7533 provides a mobile industry Processor interface/display serial interface (MIPI®/DSI) input Port, a high definition multimedia interface (HDMI®) data output in a 49-ball wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP). The display serial interface (DSI) input provides up to four lanes of MIPI/DSI data, each running up to 800 Mbps. The DSI Rx implements DSI video mode operation only. The HDMI Tx supports video resolutions using pixel clocks of up to 80 MHz.

Description : 6th/7th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor Modular-Designed Embedded System

[DFI Inc./strong>]

• Supports DDR4 SODIMM up to 32GB
• Three independent displays: 1 VGA + 1 DVI/HDMI + 1 HDMI/DP
• Front accessible storage slots
• Rich I/O connectivity
• 3 expansion slots: PCIe x16 + PCIe x4 (PCIe x1 signal)

Part Name(s) : ESD5V3U4U-HDMI
Infineon Technologies
Infineon Technologies
Description : Protection of High-Speed-Digital Interfaces (Rev - 2009)

Protection of High-Speed-Digital Interfaces

With this new TVS diode array Infineon combines ESD protection together with high speed signal integrity and with a straight forward - easy to implement - PCB layout. Digital televisions, DVD / Blu-ray players, -recorders, game consoles, digital set top boxes, LCD monitors, and also mobile communication equipment will greatly benefit from this INFINEON product.
ESD5V3U4U-HDMI enhances system’s robustness as it is designed to protect effectively high speed interfaces from electrostatic discharges (ESD) generated by end-users. Applications Inc.ude HDMI1.3, DisplayPort, USB 3.0, FireWire and also MicroSD interface.

Features & Benefits
◾ Excellent ESD clamping performance
◾ Fulfilment of high speed signal quality
◾ Cleanest PCB layout for easy design

Part Name(s) : UTX-3115
Description : Intel Atom E3826 with Dual Giga LAN Fanless Compact Box PC

ƒIntel®Atom™ Dual Core E3826 1.46 GHz Processor
ƒPalm-size form factor: 138.5(W) x 35.98(H) x 116.4(D) mm
Supports 1 x COM Port, 1 x HDMI, 1 x micro HDMI, 1 x VGA, 1 x USB3.0 and
2 x USB 2.0 Ports
ƒBuilt-in 1 x Half size Mini PCIe expansion slot (i.e.: Wi-Fi module) and
1 x Full size Mini PCIe expansion slot for mSATA storage
ƒSupports 1 2.5" HDD or SSD storage
ƒWide operating temperature -20 ~ 60° C support
ƒOptional VESA / DIN-Rail / Wall mounts

Part Name(s) : ESD5V3U4U-HDMI
Infineon Technologies
Infineon Technologies
Description : Ultra-Low Capacitance ESD Array (Rev - 2008)

Ultra-Low Capacitance ESD Array

• ESD / transient protection of high-speed
   data lines exceeding
   IEC61000-4-2 (ESD): 20 kV (air / contact)
   IEC61000-4-4 (EFT): 2.5 kV / 50 A (5/50 ns)
   IEC61000-4-5 (surge): 3 A (8/20 µs)
• Max. working voltage: 5.3 V
• Very low reverse current: < 1 nA typ.
• Extremely low cap. : 0.4 pF typ. (I/O to GND)
• Very low clamping voltage: 12 V typ.
• Extremely low forward clamping voltage: 4 V typ.
• TSLP-9 package with pad pitch = 0.5 mm
• Optimized pad design to simplify PCB layout
• Pb-free (RoHS compliant) package

• DVI, HDMI, S-ATA, DisplayPort
• USB 2.0, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, Firewire
• Mobile communication
• Consumer products (STB, MP3; DVD, DSC...)
• LCD displays, camera
• Notebooks and desktop computers, peripherals

Part Name(s) : ESD5V3U4U-HDMI
Infineon Technologies
Infineon Technologies
Description : Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode

• ESD / Transient protection of high speed data lines exceeding:
   – IEC61000-4-2 (ESD): ±20 kV (air / contact)
   – IEC61000-4-4 (EFT): 2.5 kV / 50 A (5/50 ns)
   – IEC61000-4-5 (surge): 3 A (8/20 μs)
• Maximum working voltage: VR = 5.3 V
• Very low reverse current: IR < 1 nA typ.
• Extremely low capacitance: 0.4 pF typ. (I/O to GND)
• Four-lines protection array with pad pitch = 0.5 mm
• Flow-through design for optimal PCB layout of differential lines
• Pb-free package (RoHS compliant) and halogen free package

Application Examples
• Protection of high speed digital interfaces like:
HDMI 1.3, HDMI 1.4a, MHL, DisplayPort, S-ATA, DVI, MIPI, MDDI
• USB2.0, 10/100/1000 Ethernet, FireWire

Part Name(s) : VV0670P001
Description : Colour Processor Interface ASIC

The Colour Processor Interface ASIC (CPiA) is a digital video Processor requiring only a single 4Mbit DRAM and minimum of passive supPort components to provide a complete PC peripheral video capture system.
CPiA accepts raw digital video data from Vision’s CIF format CMOS sensors and is capable of transferring the resulting YUV video data to a host PC over either USB or Parallel Port interfaces at rates up to 30 frames per second.

• Interfaces to Vision’s VV6404 colour CMOS image sensor
• Directly interfaces to a host PC using USB or Parallel Port interfaces
• 100% compliant with USB specification v1.0
• 100% compliant with IEEE1284 parallel Port specifications
• SupPort for Windows 95/98 Plug and Play
• Image capture at CIF (352x288) and QCIF(176x144) resolutions
• Image compression providing up to 30fps CIF
• Automatic exposure control and colour balance
• Camera flicker control for 50 Hz and 60 Hz mains driven lighting
• Supports selective transfer of requested regions of interest to the host system
• Power management Inc.uding watchdog reset
• Absolute minimum of supPort components
• Device pinout designed to facilitate layout and area of supPort PCB

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