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        NPN Bipolar junction transistor

           What is NPN?


A bipolar junction transistor (BJT or bipolar transistor) is a type of transistor that relies on the contact of two types of semiconductor for its operation. BJTs can be used as amplifiers, switches, or in oscillators. BJTs can be found either as individual discrete components, or in large numbers as parts of integrated circuits. Bipolar transistors are so named because their operation involves both electrons and holes. These two kinds of charge carriers are characteristic of the two kinds of doped semiconductor material; electrons are majority charge carriers in n-type semiconductors, whereas holes are majority charge carriers in p-type semiconductors. In contrast, unipolar transistors such as the field-effect transistors have only one kind of charge carrier.



Popular NPN or PNP datasheets

( BC556, 2N3906, TIP42, 2N2222, 2N4401, BC546, 2N3053, NTE85, BC549 )

Part Number Description View Manufacturer
LPT80A NPN-Silizium-Fototransistor Silicon NPN Phototransistor LPT80A datasheet pdf download Siemens
Siemens AG 

Other Part : D1148  
2SD1148 datasheet pdf download WingShing
Wing Shing International Group 
DTC143ZCARF Transistors Bipolar - BJT Digital Transistor NPN DTC143ZCARF datasheet pdf download ETC
2N1711 NPN medium power transistor 2N1711 datasheet pdf download Comset
Comset Semiconductors
BC337 (BC337 / BC338) SWITCHING AND AMPLIFIER BC337 datasheet pdf download Weitron
Weitron Technology 
SL100 NPN Transistor / TO-39 Package SL100 datasheet pdf download OSRAM


Number Description View Manufacturer
2SA1318 SILICON PNP TRANSISTOR 2SA1318 datasheet pdf download SANYO
SANYO -> Panasonic 
2SA155 2SA155D NTE Equivalent NTE160 TRANSISTOR PNP/ Germanium PNP Transistor RF–IF Amp, FM Mixer OSC

Other Part : 2SA155D   NTE160  
2SA155 datasheet pdf download ETC
2N2906A PNP SILICON PLANAR SWITCHING T 2N2906A datasheet pdf download BOCA
PUMB11,135 TRANS PREBIAS DUAL PNP 6TSSOP PUMB11,135 datasheet pdf download NXP
NXP Semiconductors. 
BDW64B-S TRANS PNP DARL 80V 6A TO220 BDW64B-S datasheet pdf download ETC
2DA1774R-7 TRANS PNP 50V 0.15A SOT-523 2DA1774R-7 datasheet pdf download Diodes
Diodes Incorporated. 
2N5366_D27Z TRANS PNP 40V 0.5A TO-92 2N5366_D27Z datasheet pdf download Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor 
2PB709ASW,115 TRANS PNP 45V 0.1A SOT323 2PB709ASW,115 datasheet pdf download NXP
NXP Semiconductors. 
2SA1381CSTU TRANS PNP 300V 0.1A TO-126 2SA1381CSTU datasheet pdf download Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor 

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