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SANYO -> Panasonic
LB11820M Direct PWM Drive Brushless Pre-Driver for Household Appliance Motors

The LB11820M is a direct PWM drive pre-driver IC that is appropriate for 3-phase power brushless motors. This IC can implement motor driver circuits that provide the desired output capabilities (voltage and current) by the use of appropriate discrete transistors in the output circuit. The LB11820M is optimal for driving the large motors used in air conditioners and on-demand hot water heaters.

Functions and Features
• Three-phase bipolar drive
• Direct PWM drive
• Built-in braking function (Short braking)
• Forward/reverse switching function
• Reverse motion mode protection circuit
• Full complement of protection circuits, include current limiter, low-voltage protection, and motor constraint (rotor locking) protection circuits
• Supports control from either a command voltage or a PWM duty input.

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