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Philips Electronics
TDA10085HT Single chip DVB-S/DSS channel receiver

The TDA10085 is a single-chip channel receiver for satellite television reception matching both DSS and DVB-S standards. The device contains a dual 6-bit flash ADC, variable rate BPSK/QPSK coherent demodulator and forward error correction functions. The ADC interfaces directly with I and Q analog baseband signals. After analog-to-digital conversion, the TDA10085 implements a bank of cascadable filters as well as anti-alias and half-Nyquist filters. An analog AGC signal is generated using an amplitude estimation function. The TDA10085 performs clock recovery at twice the baud rate and achieves coherent demodulation without any feedback to the local oscillator. Forward error correction is built around two error-correcting codes: a Reed-Solomon (outer code) and a Viterbi decoder (inner code). The Reed-Solomon decoder corrects up to 8 erroneous bytes among the N (204) bytes of one data packet. A convolutional de-interleaver is located between the Viterbi output and the Reed-Solomon decoder input. The de-interleaver and Reed-Solomon decoder are automatically synchronized according to a frame synchronization algorithm that uses the sync pattern present in each packet. The TDA10085 is controlled via an I2C-bus interface. The circuit operates at sampling frequencies up to 100 MHz, can process variable modulation rates and achieves transmission rates up to 45 Mbaud. Furthermore, for dish control applications, hardware supports DiSEqc 1.x with control access via the I2C-bus.

• DSS and DVB-S compliant single chip demodulator and
   forward error correction
• Dual 6-bit Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC) on-chip
• PLL that allows using a low-cost crystal
   (typically 4 MHz)
• DiSEqC 1.X from 1 to 8 byte-long sequences with
   modulated or unmodulated output
• DSS dish control
• Digital cancellation of ADC offset
• Simultaneous parallel and serial output interfaces
• Variable rate BPSK/QPSK coherent demodulator
• Modulation rate variable from 1 to 49 Mbauds
• Automatic gain control output
• Digital symbol timing recovery:
– Acquisition range up to 960 ppm
• Carrier offset cancellation up to one half of the sampling
• Digital carrier recovery:
– Acquisition range up to 12% of the symbol rate
• Half-Nyquist filters: roll-off = 0.35 for DVB and 0.2 for DSS
• Interpolating and anti-aliasing filters to handle variable symbol rates
• Channel quality estimation
• Spectral inversion ambiguity resolution
• Viterbi decoder:
   – Supported rates from 1/2 to 8/9
   – Constraint length K = 7 with G1 = 1718 and G2 = 1338
   – Viterbi output BER measurement
   – Automatic code rate search within 1/2, 2/3 and 6/7 in DSS mode
   – Automatic code rate search within 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 in DVB-S mode
• Convolutional de-interleaver and Reed Solomon
   decoder according to DVB and DSS specifications
• Automatic frame synchronization
• Selectable DVB-S descrambling
• I2C-bus interface
• 64-pin TQFP package
• CMOS technology (0.2 µm, 1.8 V to 3.3 V).

• DVB-S receivers (ETS 300-421)
• DSS receivers.



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