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Kodenshi Auk Co., LTD
PC-17T1 Photocoupler

These Photocouplers consist of a Gallium Arsenide Infrared Emitting
Diode and a Silicon NPN Phototransistor per channel
The PC-17T1 has one channel in a 4-pin DIP package
The PC-17T2 has two channels in a 8-pin DIP package
The PC-17T4 has four channels in a 16-pin DIP package

• Small Package Size
• Collector-Emitter Voltage : Min.35V
• Current Transfer Ratio : Min.50% (at I F=5mA, VCE=5V)
• Electrical Isolation Voltage : AC2500Vrms
• UL Recognized File No. E107486

• Interface between two circuits of different potential
• Vending Machine, Cordless Phone, Key Phone, Fax, Motor Control
• Programmable Logic Control
• Power Supply
• Computer Terminals

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