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Philips Electronics
NE5514NB Quad high-performance operational amplifier

The NE/SE5514 family of quad operational amplifiers sets new standards in bipolar quad amplifier performance. The amplifiers feature low input bias current and low offset voltages. Pinout is identical to LM324/LM348 which facilitates direct product substitution for improved system performance in dual supply applications. Output characteristics are similar to a µA741 with improved slew and drive capability.

• Low input bias current: < ±3nA
• Low input offset current: < ±3nA
• Low input offset voltage:<1mV
• Low supply current: 1.5mA/A
• 1V/µs slew rate
• High input impedance: 100MΩ
• High common-mode impedance: 10GΩ
• Internal compensation for unity gain
• 600Ω drive capability (7VRMS)

• AC amplifiers
• RC active filters
• Transducer amplifiers
• DC gain block
• Instrumentation amplifier


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