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ITT Cannon
BKAD3-626-30002 Cannon Rack and Panel Connectors

Cannon Rack and Panel
ITT Electronic Components is a division of the multi national ITT Corporation a $7.5 billion dollar global enterprise. Our connector portfolio remains the most extensive in the industry offering the most reliable and cost effective range of interconnect solutions. These innovations have enabled ITT to provide products and technologies to such markets as:

   • Aerospace
   • Computers Systems
   • Defense Electronics
   • Geophysical
   • Industrial Automation
   • Medical Electronics

When you specify a Cannon Rack and Panel connector, you can rely on a product designed, developed, and manufactured to the highest quality and reliability standards in the industry. This tradition of excellence is based on ITT’s corporate culture of operating its entire business under the principles of Six Sigma. At ITT, Six Sigma is not just a quality philosophy but a complete corporate culture that drives the entire business. Our Value Based Management and Value Based Product Development systems are two cornerstones of ITT that allows for the development of both leadership and product development principles, ensuring that the correct industry leading products are developed to the accepted market driven lead times. These principles have allowed ITT to become the market leader in all of our business portfolios.

● Low insertion force contacts.
● Both environmental and non- environmental versions.
● Polarizing posts that are removable from the mating face.
● Field replaceable inserts for size 22 and power contacts.
● Up to 800 size 22 contacts in one connector.
● Crimp, coax, power, printed circuit and wire wrappable post style contacts.
● Uses standard DPX crimp, insertion/extraction tooling.
● Waveguide connections available.

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BKAD3-626-30002 PDF


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