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Texas Instruments
ADS1120EVM ADS1x20EVM User's Guide

EVM Overview
The ADS1x20EVM is an evaluation module that includes an MSP430™ microcontroller and software. The ADS1x20EVM is useful for prototyping designs and firmware as well as for evaluation.

ADS1x20EVM Features:
• Contains all support circuitry needed for the ADS1120 and ADS1220
• Voltage reference options: internal or external
• Clock options: internal or external
• MSP430 microcontroller with JTAG interface
• Compatible with the TI LaunchPad

The ADS1x20EVM includes an interface for serial communication that can be used with ADCPro™ to quickly evaluate the device.
This manual covers the operation of the ADS1x20EVM. Throughout this document, the abbreviation EVM and the term evaluation module are synonymous with the ADS1120EVM and ADS1220EVM. For clarity of reading, the remainder of this manual refers only to the ADS1220EVM, but operation of the EVM for the ADS1120 is identical, unless otherwise noted.

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