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Analog Devices
AD5232_99 Nonvolatile Memory Digital Potentiometers

The AD5231/AD5232/AD5233 family provides a single-/dual-/quad-channel, digitally controlled variable resistor (VR) with resolutions of 1024/256/64 positions respectively. These devices perform the same electronic adjustment function as a potentiometer or variable resistor. The AD523X’s versatile programming via a Micro Controller allows multiple modes of operation and adjustment.
In the direct program mode a predetermined setting of the RDAC register can be loaded directly from the micro controller. Another key mode of operation allows the RDAC register to be refreshed with the setting previously stored in the EEMEM register. When changes are made to the RDAC register to establish a new wiper position, the value of the setting can be saved into the EEMEM by executing an EEMEM save operation. Once the settings are saved in the EEMEM register these values will be transferred automatically to the RDAC register to set the wiper position at system power ON. Such operation is enabled by the internal preset strobe and the preset can also be accessed externally.

   Nonvolatile Memory Preset Maintains Wiper Settings
   AD5231 Single, 1024 Position Resolution
   AD5232 Dual, 256 Position Resolution
   AD5233 Quad, 64 Position Resolution
   10K, 50K, 100K Ohm Terminal Resistance
   Linear or Log taper Settings
   Increment/Decrement Commands, Push Button Command
   SPI Compatible Serial Data Input with Readback Function
   +3 to +5V Single Supply or ±2.5V Dual Supply Operation
   User EEMEM nonvolatile memory for constant storage

   Mechanical Potentiometer Replacement
   Instrumentation: Gain, Offset Adjustment
   Programmable Voltage to Current Conversion
   Programmable Filters, Delays, Time Constants
   Line Impedance Matching
   Power Supply Adjustment
   DIP Switch Setting

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AD5232_99 PDF


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