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Analog Devices
AD22284-A-R2 Dual-Axis, High-g, iMEMSĀ® Accelerometers

The ADXL278 is a low power, complete, dual-axis accelerometer with signal conditioned voltage outputs that are on a single monolithic IC. This product measures acceleration with a full-scale range of (X-axis/Y-axis) ±35 g/±35 g, ±50 g/±50 g, or ±70 g/±35 g (minimum). The ADXL278 can also measure both dynamic acceleration (vibration) and static acceleration (gravity).
The ADXL278 is the fourth-generation surface micromachined iMEMS® accelerometer from ADI with enhanced performance and lower cost. Designed for use in front and side impact airbag applications, this product also provides a complete cost effective solution useful for a wide variety of other applications.

  Complete dual-axis acceleration measurement system on a single monolithic IC
  Available in ±35 g/±35 g, ±50 g/±50 g, or ±70 g/±35 g output full-scale ranges
  Full differential sensor and circuitry for high resistance to EMI/RFI
  Environmentally robust packaging
  Complete mechanical and electrical self-test on digital command
  Output ratiometric to supply
  Sensitive axes in the plane of the chip
  High linearity (0.2% of full scale)
  Frequency response down to dc
  Low noise
  Low power consumption
  Tight sensitivity tolerance and 0 g offset capability
  Largest available prefilter clipping headroom
  400 Hz, 2-pole Bessel filter
  Single-supply operation
  Compatible with Sn/Pb and Pb-free solder processes

  Vibration monitoring and control
  Vehicle collision sensing
  Shock detection


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AD22284-A-R2 PDF


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