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Linear Technology
1816I Single/Dual/Quad 220MHz, 1500V/µs Operational Amplifiers with Programmable Supply Current

The LT® 1815/LT1816/LT1817 are low power, high speed, very high slew rate operational amplifiers with excellent DC performance. The LT1815/LT1816/LT1817 feature higher bandwidth and slew rate, much lower input offset voltage and lower noise and distortion than other devices
with comparable supply current. A programmable current option (LT1815 and LT1816A) allows power savings and flexibility by operating at reduced supply current and speed. The circuit topology is a voltage feedback amplifier with the slewing characteristics of a current feedback

■ 220MHz Gain-Bandwidth Product
■ 1500V/µs Slew Rate
■ 6.5mA Supply Current per Amplifier
■ Space Saving MSOP and SSOP Packages
■ Ultra Small SOT-23 and Leadless DFN Packages
■ Programmable Current Option
■ 6nV/√Hz Input Noise Voltage
■ Unity-Gain Stable
■ 1.5mV Maximum Input Offset Voltage
■ 8µA Maximum Input Bias Current
■ 800nA Maximum Input Offset Current
■ 50mA Minimum Output Current, VOUT= ±3V
■ ±3.5V Minimum Input CMR, VS= ±5V
■ Specified at ±5V, Single 5V Supplies
■ Operating Temperature Range: – 40°C to 85°C

■ Wideband Amplifiers
■ Buffers
■ Active Filters
■ Video and RF Amplification
■ Communication Receivers
■ Cable Drivers
■ Data Acquisition Systems

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