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UVS-40XXA Datasheet PDF - Unity Opto Technology

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Unity Opto Technology UOT
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UVS-40XXA Datasheet PDF : UVS-40XXA pdf   
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The UVS-4X10A/4X40A is 0.4 inch (10.16mm) height single digit display. Choices of five colors-high efficiency red/bright red/green/yellow/red orange. The high efficiency red displays has red face and red segments. Bright red displays has black face and red segments. Green and yellow displays have gray face and whit segments.Red orange displays has orange face and orange segments. The bright red and green LED chip are made from GaP on a transparent GaP substrate. The yellow and red orange LED chip are made from GaAsP on a transparent GaP substrate

● Continuous uniform segments.
● Excellent characters appearance
● Low power requirement
● Industuy Standard Size
● Wide Viewing angle

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