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Part NumberTAS5704 TI
Texas Instruments TI
Description20-W Stereo Digital Audio Power Amplifier With Feedback
TAS5704 Datasheet PDF : TAS5704 pdf       
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The TAS5704 is a 20-W, efficient, digital audio power amplifier for driving stereo bridge-tied speakers. Two serial data inputs allow processing of up to four discrete audio channels and seamless integration to most digital audio processors accepting a wide range of input data and clock rates. A hardware configurable data path allows these channels to be routed to the internal speaker drivers or output via the subwoofer PWM outputs.
The TAS5704 is a slave-only device receiving all clocks from external sources. The TAS5704 operates at a 384-kHz switching rate for 32-, 48-, 96-, and 192-kHz data, and at a 352.8 kHz switching rate for 44.1-, 88.2-, and 176.4-kHz data. The 8× oversampling combined with the fourth-order noise shaper provides a flat noise floor and excellent dynamic range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
The closed-loop architecture of the TAS5704 provides several benefits. The high power supply rejection enables superior audio performance from a noisy, low cost supply. The high damping factor allows tighter control over speaker movement resulting in an improved bass response. Finally, switching edge rate control lowers EMC emissions without sacrificing audio performance.

• Audio Input/Output
   – 20-W into an 8-Ω Load From an 18-V Supply
   – Two Serial Audio Inputs (Four Audio    Channels)
   – Supports Multiple Output Configurations:
   – 2-Ch Bridged Outputs (20 W × 2)
   – 4-Ch Single-Ended Outputs (10 W × 4)
   – 2-Ch Single-Ended + 1-Ch Bridged (2.1)
      (10 W × 2 + 20 W)
• Closed Loop Power Stage Architecture
   – Improved PSRR Reduces Power Supply
       Performance Requirements
   – Higher Damping Factor Provides for
      Tighter, More Accurate Sound With
      Improved Bass Response
   – Lower EMC Emissions
   – Output Power is Independent of Supply Voltage Variation
• Wide PVCC Range From (10 V to 26 V)
• Supports 32-kHz–192-kHz (DVD-Audio) Sample Rates (LJ/RJ/I2S)
• Line-Level Subwoofer PWM Outputs
• Audio/PWM Processing (Hardware Controlled)
   – 4-Step Gain Control (-3dB, 3dB, 9dB, 12dB)
   – Soft Mute Control (50% Output Duty Cycle)
• Factory-Trimmed Internal Oscillator Enables
   Automatic Detection of Incoming Sample
• Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection

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