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DRV2605 Datasheet PDF - Texas Instruments

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DRV2605 Haptic Driver for ERM and LRA With Built-In Library and Smart-Loop Architecture TI
Texas Instruments TI
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DRV2605 Datasheet PDF : DRV2605 pdf   
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The DRV2605 device is designed to provide extremely-flexible haptic control of ERM and LRA actuators over a shared I2C-compatible bus. This control relieves the host processor from ever generating pulse-width modulated (PWM) drive signals, saving both costly timer interrupts and hardware pins.
The DRV2605 device provides an extensive integrated library over 100 licensed effects from Immersion for ERM and LRA which eliminates the need to design haptics waveforms.
The DRV2605 device offers a licensed version of the TouchSense 2200 software from Immersion, which includes the 2200 Effects Library, and 2200 audio-to-vibe features. Additionally, the real-time playback mode allows the host processor to bypass the library playback engine and play waveforms directly from the host through I2C.
The DRV2605 device also contains a smart-loop architecture, which allows effortless auto resonant drive for LRA as well as feedback-optimized ERM drive. This feedback provides automatic overdrive and braking, which creates a simplified input waveform paradigm as well as reliable motor control and consistent motor performance. The audio-to-haptics mode automatically converts an audio input signal to meaningful haptic effects.

• Flexible Haptic/Vibra Driver
   – LRA (Linear Resonance Actuator)
   – ERM (Eccentric Rotating Mass)
• I2C Controlled Digital Playback Engine
   – Real-Time Playback Mode via I2C
• Smart Loop Architecture(1)
   – Automatic Overdrive/Braking (ERM/LRA)
   – Automatic Resonance Tracking (LRA)
   – Automatic Actuator Diagnostic (ERM/LRA)
   – Automatic Level Calibration (ERM/LRA)
• Licensed Immersion™ TouchSense® 2200
   – Integrated Immersion Effect Library
   – Audio to Vibe
• Optional PWM Input with 0% to 100% Duty Cycle
   Control Range
• Optional Analog Input Control
• Optional Hardware Trigger Pin
• Efficient Output Drive
• Fast Start Up Time
• Constant Acceleration Over Supply Voltage
• 1.8 V Compatible, VDD Tolerant Digital Pins

• Mobile Phones and Tablets
• Watches and Wearable Technology
• Remote Controls, Mice, and Peripheral Devices
• Touch-Enabled Devices
• Human-Machine Interfaces

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