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Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
STA559BW 5 V, 2 A, 2.1 channel high-efficiency digital audio system Sound Terminal® ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
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STA559BW Datasheet PDF : STA559BW pdf   
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The STA559BW is an integrated solution of digital audio processing, digital amplifier controls and power output stage to create a high-power single-chip FFX digital amplifier with high-quality and high-efficiency. Three channels of FFX processing are provided. The FFX processor implements the ternary, binary and binary differential processing capabilities of the full FFX processor.
The STA559BW is part of the Sound Terminal® family that provides full digital audio streaming to the speakers and offers cost effectiveness, low power dissipation and sound enrichment.
The power section consists of four independent half-bridges. These can be configured via digital control to operate in different modes.
For example, 2.1 channels can be provided by two half bridges and a single full bridge, supplying up to 2 x 1.4 W + 1 x 6 W of output power or two channels can be provided by two full-bridges, supplying up to 2 x 3 W of output power.
The IC can also be configured as 2.1 channels with 2 x 20 W supplied by the device plus a drive for an external FFX power amplifier, such as STA533WF or STA515W.
Also provided in the STA559BW are a full assortment of digital processing features. This includes up to four programmable biquads (EQ) per channel. Available presets enable a time-to-market advantage by substantially reducing the amount of software development needed for functions such as audio preset volume loudness, preset volume curves and preset EQ settings. There are also new advanced AM radio interference reduction modes.

● Wide-range supply voltage, 4.5 V to 16 V
● Three power output configurations:
   – 2 channels of ternary PWM (2 x 3 W into 4 Ω at 5 V) + PWM output
   – 2 channels of ternary PWM (2 x 3 W into 4 Ω at 5 V) + ternary stereo line-out
   – 2.1 channels of binary PWM (left, right, LFE) (2 x 0.7 W + 1 x 3 W into 4 Ω at 5 V) (2 x 1.4 W + 1 x 6 W into 2 Ω at 5 V)
● FFX with 100-dB SNR and dynamic range
● Selectable 32- to 192-kHz input sample rates
● I²C control with selectable device address
● Digital gain/attenuation +48 dB to -80 dB with 0.5-dB/step resolution
● Soft volume update
● Individual channel and master gain/attenuation
● Two independent limiters/compressors
● Dynamic range compression or anti-clipping modes
● Audio presets:
   – 15 preset crossover filters
   – 5 preset anti-clipping modes
   – Preset night-time listening mode
● Individual channel soft/hard mute
● Independent channel volume and DSP bypass
● 2-channel I²S input data interface
● Input and output channel mapping
● Automatic invalid-input detect Mute
● Automatic zero-detect mute
● Up to 4 user-programmable biquads/channel
● Three coefficients banks for EQ presets storing with fast recall via I²C interface
● Bass/treble tones and de-emphasis control
● Selectable high-pass filter for DC blocking
● Advanced AM interference frequency switching and noise suppression modes
● Selectable high- or low-bandwidth noise-shaping topologies
● Selectable clock input ratio
● Thermal overload and short-circuit protection embedded
● Video apps: 576 x fS input mode supported

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