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Part NumberLM317T ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
Description1.2 V to 37 V adjustable voltage regulators
LM317T Datasheet PDF : LM317T pdf       
LM117 image

The LM117, LM217, LM317 are monolithic integrated circuits in TO-220, TO-220FP, TO-3 and D²PAK packages intended for use as positive adjustable voltage regulators.
They are designed to supply more than 1.5 A of load current with an output voltage adjustable over a 1.2 to 37 V range.

■ Output voltage range: 1.2 to 37 V
■ Output current in excess of 1.5 A
■ 0.1% Line and load regulation
■ Floating operation for high voltages
■ Complete series of protections: current limiting, thermal shutdown and SOA control

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