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Part NumberLM305 National-Semiconductor
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DescriptionVoltage Regulators
LM305 Datasheet PDF : LM305 pdf       
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General Description
The LM105 series are positive voltage regulators similar to the LM100, except that an extra gain stage has been added for improved regulation. A redesign of the biasing circuitry removes any minimum load current requirement and at the same time reduces standby current drain, permitting higher voltage operation. They are direct, plug-in replacements for the LM100 in both linear and switching regulator circuits with output voltages greater than 4.5V. Important characteristics of the circuits are:

• Output voltage adjustable from 4.5V to 40V
• Output currents in excess of 10A possible by adding external transistors
• Load regulation better than 0.1%, full load with current limiting
• DC line regulation guaranteed at 0.03%/V
• Ripple rejection on 0.01%V
• 45 mA output current without external pass transistor (LM305A)

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