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HY62256A Datasheet PDF - Hyundai Micro Electronics

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
HY62256A 32Kx8bit CMOS SRAM Hyundai
Hyundai Micro Electronics 
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HY62256A Datasheet PDF : HY62256A pdf   
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The HY62256A/HY62256A-I is a high-speed, low power and 32,786 x 8-bits CMOS Static Random Access Memory fabricated using Hyundais high performance CMOS process technology. The HY62256A/HY62256A-I
has a data retention mode that guarantees data to remain valid at the minimum power supply voltage of 2.0 volt. Using the CMOS technology, supply voltages from 2.0 to 5.5 volt has little effect on supply current in the data retention mode. The HY62256A/HY62256A-I is suitable for use in low voltage operation and battery back-up application.

·Fully static operation and Tri-state outputs
·TTL compatible inputs and outputs
·Low power consumption
-2.0V(min.) data retention
·Standard pin configuration
-28 pin 600 mil PDIP
-28 pin 330 mil SOP
-28 pin 8x13.4 mm
TSOP-1 (standard and reversed)

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