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74LVT32245 Datasheet PDF - Fairchild Semiconductor

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Part Number74LVT32245 Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor Fairchild
DescriptionLow Voltage 32-Bit Transceiver with 3-STATE Outputs
74LVT32245 Datasheet PDF : 74LVT32245 pdf       
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General Description
The LVT32245 and LVTH32245 contain thirty-two noninverting bidirectional buffers with 3-STATE outputs and are intended for bus oriented applications. The devices are byte controlled. Each byte has separate control inputs which can be shorted together for full 32-bit operation. The T/R inputs determine the direction of data flow through the device. The OE inputs disable both the A and B ports by placing them in a high impedance state.
The LVTH32245 data inputs include bushold, eliminating the need for external pull-up resistors to hold unused inputs.
These non-inverting transceivers are designed for low voltage (3.3V) VCC applications, but with the capability to provide a TTL interface to a 5V environment. The LVT32245 and LVTH32245 are fabricated with an advanced BiCMOS technology to achieve high speed operation similar to 5V ABT while maintaining low power dissipation.

■ Input and output interface capability to systems at 5V VCC
■ Bushold data inputs eliminate the need for external pull-up resistors to hold unused inputs
   (74LVTH32245), also available without bushold feature (74LVT32245).
■ Live insertion/extraction permitted
■ Power Up/Down high impedance provides glitch-free bus loading
■ Outputs source/sink −32 mA/+64 mA
■ ESD performance:
   Human-body model > 2000V
   Machine model > 200V
   Charged-device model > 1000V
■ Packaged in plastic Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA)

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