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CAT24C44 Datasheet PDF - Catalyst Semiconductor => Onsemi

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
CAT24C44 256-Bit Serial Nonvolatile CMOS Static RAM Catalyst
Catalyst Semiconductor => Onsemi Catalyst
CAT24C44 Datasheet PDF : CAT24C44 pdf   
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The CAT24C44 Serial NVRAM is a 256-bit nonvolatile memory organized as 16 words x 16 bits. The high speed Static RAM array is bit for bit backed up by a nonvolatile EEPROM array which allows for easy transfer of data from RAM array to EEPROM (STORE) and from EEPROM to RAM (RECALL). STORE operations are completed in 10ms max. and RECALL operations typically within 1.5µs. The CAT24C44 features unlimited RAM write operations either through external RAM writes or internal recalls from EEPROM. Internal falsestore protection circuitry prohibits STORE operations
when VCC is less than 3.5V (typical) ensuring EEPROM data integrity.

■Single 5V Supply
■Infinite EEPROM to RAM Recall
■CMOS and TTL Compatible I/O
■Low CMOS Power Consumption:
–Active: 3 mA Max.
–Standby: 30 µA Max.
■Power Up/Down Protection
■10 Year Data Retention
■JEDEC Standard Pinouts:
–8-pin DIP
–8-pin SOIC
■100,000 Program/Erase Cycles (EEPROM)
■Auto Recall on Power-up
■Commercial, Industrial and Automotive Temperature Ranges
■"Green" Package Options Available

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