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Part Name(s) : HTS-101-G-A HTS-101-G-A-1 HTS-101-G-A-2 HTS-101-G-AA HTS-101-G-C HTS-101-G-C-1 HTS-101-G-C-2 HTS-101-G-G-1 HTS-101-G-J HTS-101-G-L-1 HTS-101-G-L-2 HTS-101-G-L-3 HTS-101-T-A HTS-101-T-A-1 HTS-101-T-A-2 HTS-101-T-AA HTS-101-T-C HTS-101-T-C-1 HTS-101-T-C-2 HTS-101-T-G-1 HTS-101-T-J HTS-101-T-L-1 HTS-101-T-L-2 HTS-101-T-L-3 HTS-102-G-A ETC


(2.54 mm) .100" TS, TD, HTS SERIES


Part Name(s) : TSM-104-02-L-SH-XX ETC1



Part Name(s) : 0387007518 38700-7518 70518-C-50 0387007518 70518-C-50 38700-7518 MOLEX5
Molex Connectors
Description : 8.26mm (.325") Pitch Beau™ PCB TERMINAL Strip, without Mounting Ends, 18 Circuits View

Overview: Beau™ Barrier STRIPS

Description: 8.26mm Pitch Beau™ PCB TERMINAL Strip, without Mounting Ends, 18 Circuits, with Screw Clamp Washer

Part Name(s) : TSM-102-03-F-DH-A TSM-102-03-F-DH-K TSM-102-03-F-DH-LC TSM-102-03-F-DH-M TSM-102-03-F-DH-P TSM-102-03-F-DH-TR TSM-102-03-F-DH-XXX TSM-102-03-F-DV-A TSM-102-03-F-DV-K TSM-102-03-F-DV-LC TSM-102-03-F-DV-M TSM-102-03-F-DV-P TSM-102-03-F-DV-TR TSM-102-03-F-DV-XXX TSM-102-03-F-MT-A TSM-102-03-F-MT-K TSM-102-03-F-MT-LC TSM-102-03-F-MT-M TSM-102-03-F-MT-P TSM-102-03-F-MT-TR TSM-102-03-F-MT-XXX TSM-102-03-F-SH-A TSM-102-03-F-SH-K TSM-102-03-F-SH-LC TSM-102-03-F-SH-M ETC1
Description : .25" SQ TERMINAL STRIPS View



Part Name(s) : LH0070 LH0070-0H LH0070-1H LH0070-2H LT1031 LT1031BCH LT1031BMH LT1031CCH LT1031DCH LT1031DMH Linear
Linear Technology
Description : PRECISION 10 Volt Reference View

The LT®1031 is a PRECISION 10V reference with ultralow drift and noise, extremely good long term stability, and almost total immunity to input voltage variations. The reference output will both source and sink up to 10mA and can be used as a shunt regulator (two TERMINAL Zener) with the same PRECISION characteristics as the three TERMINAL connection. Special care has been taken to minimize thermal regulation effects and temperature induced hysteresis.

Pin Compatible with LH0070 and AD581*
Ultralow Drift—5ppm/°C Max Slope
Trimmed Output Voltage
Operates in Series or Shunt Mode
Output Sinks and Sources in Series Mode
Very Low Noise < 1ppmP-P0.1Hz to 10Hz
> 100dB Ripple Rejection
Minimum Input Voltage of 11V

A-to-D and D-to-A Converters
PRECISION Regulators
Digital Voltmeters
lnertial Navigation Systems
Portable Reference Standard

Part Name(s) : OM7632NM OM7633NM OM7634NM Omnirel
Omnirel Corp => IRF
Description : Three TERMINAL, Fixed Voltage, 1.5 Amp PRECISION Negative Regulators In Hermetic View

These three TERMINAL negative regulators are supplied in a hermetically sealed surface mount package. All protective features are designed into the circuit including thermal shutdown, current limiting and safe-area control. With heat sinking, they can deliver over 1.5 amps of output current. These units feature internally trimmed output voltages to ±1% of nominal voltage. Standard voltages are -5V, -12V, and -15V. These units are ideally suited for Military applications where a hermetic surface mount package is required.

• Hermetic Surface Mount Package
• Output Voltages: -5V, -12V, -15V
• Output Voltages Set Internally To ±1%
• Built-In Thermal Overload Protection
• Short Circuit Current Limiting
• Product Is Available Hi-Rel Screened

Part Name(s) : OM7612ST Omnirel
Omnirel Corp => IRF
Description : Three TERMINAL, adjustable voltage, PRECISION 1.5Amp adjustable negative regulator View

This three TERMINAL negative regulator is supplied in a hermetically sealed metal package whose outline is similar to the industry standard TO-220 plastic package. All protective features are designed into the circuit, including thermal shutdown, current limiting, and safe-area control. With heat sinking, these devices can deliver up to 1.5 amps of output current. The unit also features output voltages that can be fixed from -1.2 volts to -47 volts.

• Similar To Industry Standard LT137AHV
• Adjustable Output Voltage
• Built In Thermal Overload Protection
• Short Circuit Current Limiting
• Available In Isolated and Non-Isolated Package
• Maximum Output Voltage Tolerance Is Guaranteed To ±1%
• Available Hi-Rel Screened

Part Name(s) : AD584LH AD584L ADI
Analog Devices
Description : Pin Programmable PRECISION Voltage Reference View

The AD584 is an eight-TERMINAL PRECISION voltage reference offering pin-programmable selection of four popular output voltages: 10.000 V, 7.500 V, 5.000 V and 2.500 V. Other output voltages, above, below or between the four standard outputs, are available by the addition of external resistors. Input voltage may vary between 4.5 and 30 volts.
Laser Wafer Trimming (LWT) is used to adjust the pin-programmable output levels and temperature coefficients, resulting in the most flexible high PRECISION voltage reference available in monolithic form.

   Four Programmable Output Voltages:
      10.000 V, 7.500 V, 5.000 V, 2.500 V
   Laser-Trimmed to High Accuracies
   No External Components Required
   Trimmed Temperature Coefficient:
      5 ppm/°C max, 0°C to +70°C (AD584L)
      15 ppm/°C max, –55°C to +125°C (AD584T)
   Zero Output Strobe TERMINAL Provided
   Two TERMINAL Negative Reference
      Capability (5 V & Above)
   Output Sources or Sinks Current
   Low Quiescent Current: 1.0 mA max
   10 mA Current Output Capability
   MIL-STD-883 Compliant Versions Available

Part Name(s) : MAX6520 MAX6520EUR-T MaximIC
Maxim Integrated
Description : 50ppm/°C, SOT23, 3-TERMINAL, 1.2V Voltage Reference View

General Description
The MAX6520 is the lowest-power 1.2V, PRECISION, three-TERMINAL voltage reference offered in a SOT23-3 package. Ideal for 3V battery-powered equipment where power conservation is critical, the MAX6520 is a low-power alternative to existing two-TERMINAL shunt references. Unlike two-TERMINAL references that throw away battery current and require an external series resistor, the MAX6520 has a 70µA maximum supply current (typically only 50µA) that is independent of the input voltage. This feature translates to maximum efficiency at all battery voltages.

♦ 3-Pin SOT23 Package
♦ 50ppm/°C max Tempco
♦ Supply Current Independent of Input Voltage Over Temperature
♦ 50µA Supply Current
♦ 2.4V to 11V Input Voltage Range
♦ ±1% Initial Accuracy

  Battery-Powered Systems
  Portable and Hand-Held Equipment
  Data-Acquisition Systems
  Instrumentation and Process Control



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