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Description : SYNCHRONOUS DRAM 128Mb: x4, x8, x16 SDRAM 3.3V


General Description:
The 128Mb SDRAM is a high-speed CMOS, dynamic random-access memory containing 134,217,728 bits. Each is internally configured as a quad-bank DRAM. Read and write accesses to the SDRAM are burst oriented; accesses start at a selected location and continue for a programmed number of locations in a programmed sequence.

• Intel PC-100 (3-3-3) or PC133 (3-3-3) compatible
• Fully synchronous; all signals registered on positive edge of system clock
• Internal pipelined operation; column address can be changed every clock cycle
• Internal banks for hiding row access precharge time
• Programmable burst lengths: 1, 2, or 4 using Interleaved Burst Addressing
• Auto Precharge and Auto Refresh modes
• 64ms, 4,096-cycle refresh quad-row refresh, (15.6ms/row)
• Self Refresh mode 1
• LVTTL-compatible inputs and outputs
• Single +3.3V ±0.3V Power supply
• The x16 devices are optimized for both single and dual rank DIMM applications. The x8 devices are optimized for single rank DIMM applications.

Description : SMD Chip Beads

Yageo offers hundreds of multi-layered ferrite chip beads with various sizes, frequency characteristics, and a wide range of impedance values to provide Powerful solutions for eMI problems.
Three formulas of ferrite compose several types of EMI suppression chip beads that are classified into six categories- SB, NB, HF, GB, PB and UPB series.

Description : 0.25 watt dc-dc converters

Our AM1/4L-N series is a family of cost effective 1/4W single and dual output DC/DC converters. These converters combine a miniature SMD package and high performance features such as a 1000 & 3000VDC input/output isolation voltages, continuous short circuit protection and a tight line / load regulation.
96 models operate from input voltages of 3.3, 5, 12 and 24VDC producing output voltages of 3.3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 24, ±5, ±9, ±12, ±15 & ±24VDC. Full SMD design and a 100% production test of parameters ensures a high reliability in this product.

0.25 watt dc-dc converters


Description : Thermal Transfer MP Metalized polyester labels

Tyco Electronics MP is a thermal transfer printable metalized polyester film with a permanent acrylic adhesive, designed for rating plates and other applications that require a metal look, such as nameplates, equipment labels, detailed product information labels and serial number plates. MP is UL Listed. Print performance and durability are reliable when used with Tyco Electronics 1330-0607 series ribbon.

Features and benefits
■ Thermal transfer printable
■ Metalized appearance
■ Ideal for rating plate applications
■ Several die-cut sizes available
■ UL Listed

Description : Coaxial DFB Laser Diode

1935 F/R/W Coaxial DFB Laser Diode
O-Band CWDM 5 MHz – 4000 MHz

EMCORE’s Model 1935 DFB lasers offer a low cost solution for linear fiber optic links. These components can be cooled with external thermo-electric coolers for high stability, or run without TEC’s to reduce Power consumption. The DFB laser builds upon Ortel’s long history of high performance, leading edge designs in CATV, wireless, and high speed digital applications. The laser diode devices are packaged in a compact hermetic assembly together with monitor photodiode and isolator, for flexible integration into various transmitter configurations.

■ Linear DFB Laser Design
■ Ouput Power Up to 10 dBm Available
■ Bandwidth 47 – 1002 MHz
■ RoHS Compliance
■ Optical Isolator
■ Low Power Consumption
■ Monitor Photodiode

■ Video Signal Distribution in HFC and FTTx Nodes
■ Signal Distribution in L-Band and Wireless Remoting Links
■ High Linearity, Low Power Fiber Links


Description : Silicon Planar Zener Diode for Stabilized Power Supply

• Low leakage, low zener impedance and maximum Power dissipation of 500 mW are ideally suited for stabilized Power supply, etc.
• Wide spectrum from 1.9 V through 38 V of zener voltage provide flexible application.

Description : Military COTS DC/DC Converters

Military COTS DC/DC Converters

The MilQor series of MIL COTS DC/DC converters brings SynQor’s field proven high-efficiency synchronous rectification technology to the Military/Aerospace industry. SynQor’s ruggedized encased packaging approach ensures survivability in demanding environments. Compatible with the industry standard format, these converters operate at a fixed frequency, and follow conservative component derating guidelines. They are designed and manufactured to comply with a wide range of military standards

Operational Features
•  High efficiency, 90% at full rated load current
•  Operating input voltage range: 16-40 V
•  Fixed frequency switching provides predictable EMI
•  No minimum load requirement

Mechanical Features
•  Industry standard quarter-brick pin-out configuration
•  Size: 1.54" x 2.39" x 0.50" (39.0 x 60.6 x 12.7mm)
•  Total weight: 3 oz (85 g)

Control Features
•  On/Off control referenced to input side
•  Remote sense for the output voltage
•  Output voltage trim range of -20%, +10%

Safety Features
•  2250 V, 30 MW input-to-output isolation
• Certified 60950-1 requirements for basic insulation (see Standards and Qualifications page)
• CE Marked
• RoHS compliant

Protection Features
•  Input under-voltage lockout
•  Output current limit and short circuit protection
•  Active back bias limit
•  Output over-voltage protection
•  Thermal shutdown


• Small size and light weight
   For space saving, the outside dimensions
   of the main body are reduced to be 21.5
   mm (length) × 14.4 mm (width) × 37 mm
   (height) (.846 × .567 × 1.457 inch) and
   the weight is also reduced to be approx.
   19 g .67 oz (direct coupling 1 Form A, 1 Form B type)
• Low operating Power (1.4W) type is available (1 Form A, 1 Form B)
• Since the terminal arrangement
   complies with JIS D5011 B4-M1,
   commercial connectors are available
for these types of relays.
• Superior inrush characteristics
   Despite its small size, 120A (max. 0.1 s)
   capacity has been achieved by using
   contacts that are good at withstanding
   inrush currents and because of an
   ingenious contacting mechanism.
   (1 Form A and 1 Form B)

• Motorcycles and automobiles
   Motorcycle cell motors, car air
   conditioners, halogen lamps, etc.
• Agricultural equipment
• Battery equipped devices such as
   conveyance vehicles

Description : IC Sockets

OMRON’s IC Connectors Have Excellent Reliability and Can Tolerate Momentary Interruptions in Power.

• Round pins and 4-point (4-finger) contact construction with
   contact entry holes that are large for easy insertion.
• IC lead contacts placed high for solid connections.
• A wide product range: open-frame, closed-frame, single
   row, carrier-type DIP terminals, wrap terminals, solder
   sleeve terminals, and low-profile DIP terminals.
• Conforms to UL standards (file no. E 103202) and CSA
   standards (file no. LR 62678).

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