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Part Name(s) : 3502-MX44-2 CT150-2-MX44 ET-MX44-1 M44S05K4F1 MX44 MX44000XP1 MX44000XP2 MX44002NF1 MX44002SF1 MX44002XR1 MX44004NF1 MX44004SF1 MX44004XR1 MX44006NF1 MX44006SF1 MX44006XR1 JAE
Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.
Description : Compact Waterproof Automotive Connectors with Low Pin Counts

JAE has developed the MX44 Series compact waterproof connector for automotive applications.
It has been made more compact by adopting a structure that closely presses the rubber seals to mating surfaces. Due to the vibration absorption function of the rubber the connector has an improved vibration resistance. Moreover, each contacts is individually waterproof, making the connector suitable for use in harsh environments such as engine areas.

• 3.5 mm side pitch, 1row, compact waterproof board to wire connector
• Connector size reduced by waterproof structure with tight sealing rubber in the mating area.
• Vibration resistance improved by rubber absorbing unsteadiness of connector and contact.
• Adopts single contact waterproof structure which makes each contact separately waterproof.
• Socket contact is a box type which is strong against external force, and contact area adopts a proven double spring which is resistant to twisting.
• Contacts set in position by inserting retainer from wire side.
  Retainer protects connector lock portion.


Part Name(s) : FH19 FH19-10S-0.5SH FH19-10S-0.5SH(05) FH19-10S-0.5SH(51) FH19-12S-0.5SH FH19-12S-0.5SH(05) FH19-12S-0.5SH(51) FH19-13S-0.5SH FH19-13S-0.5SH(05) FH19-13S-0.5SH(51) FH19-14S-0.5SH FH19-14S-0.5SH(05) FH19-14S-0.5SH(51) FH19-15S-0.5SH FH19-16S-0.5SH FH19-16S-0.5SH(05) FH19-16S-0.5SH(51) FH19-17S-0.5SH FH19-17S-0.5SH(05) FH19-17S-0.5SH(51) FH19-18S-0.5SH FH19-18S-0.5SH(05) FH19-18S-0.5SH(51) FH19-20S-0.5SH FH19-20S-0.5SH(05) Hirose
Description : 0.5mm pitch, 0.9mm above the board, Flexible Printed Circuit & Flexible Flat Cable Connectors

■ Features
1. Low-profile 0.5mm pitch FPC, FFC Connectors
   Miniaturization of portable equipment and personal mobile devices has created increased demand for a low profile, high density, and high reliability connectors.
   *The design of this connector has been made thinner and smaller, with a height of 0.9mm and width of 3mm.
      [As of August 2002, this is the smallest connector of this type available on the market !]
   *PCB footprint: Reduced approximately 48% (as compared with Hirose Electric's 0.5mm pitch FH12 Series connectors)
   *Connector weight: Reduced approximately 78% (as compared with Hirose Electric's 0.5mm pitch FH12 Series connectors)
2. Conductive traces on the PCB can be designed to run under the connector
   All bottom surface of the connector is solid, without any exposure of the contact.
3. Proven Flip-Lock Actuator System assures easy and reliable operation
   Rotating actuator permits easy insertion and reliable connection with the FPC & FFC.
   Tactile sensation confirms complete mechanical locking of the actuator and the electrical connection.
4. Accepts 0.2mm & 0.3mm thick FPC, FFC
   Accepts 0.2mm & 0.3mm thick FPC, FFC, easy inserted in the connector.
   The connector will also terminate successfully with 0.2mm thick Flat Flexible Cable (FFC).
5. Designed for placement with automatic equipment
   Packaged in embossed tape, on reel. One reel contains 5,000 pieces.
6. Environmental considerations
   The center cores of the embossed tape reels are made of    paper, unlike typical cores made of styrofoam.

■ Applications
   Notebook PC’s, PDA’s, digital cameras and other compact devices requiring interconnections of the main circuit board with the LCD, plasma display (PDP), HDD or other devices.


Part Name(s) : 0-0090364-2 0-0100281-2 0-0200893-1 0-0539972-1 0-0734423-1 0-1102855-1 0-1102855-6 0-1103426-1 0-1103427-1 0-1103427-2 0-1103428-1 0-1103428-2 0-1103428-3 0-1103429-1 0-1103430-1 0-1103431-1 0-1103432-1 0-1103432-2 0-1103433-1 0-1103434-1 0-1103434-2 0-1103434-3 0-1103434-4 0-1103436-1 0-1103437-1 MACOM
Tyco Electronics
Description : Power4Net Hybrid Connector for Industrial Automation

Hybrid Connectivity
Power4Net Hybrid Connector for Industrial Automation

TE Connectivity’s (TE) Power4Net hybrid connector with 8 power and 4 signal contacts has been designed for machine automation applications that require a higher performance data connection and power of up to 10 A. The connector provides highly reliable connection technology and meets the demanding durability and quality requirements of real-time Ethernet applications in industrial automation. Combining power supply and signal into one single connector provides customers with greater flexibility in machine architecture. With VARAN-bus standard compatibility, the connector supports, for example, fast change over times of molds in molding machines, and simplified cabling reduces installation time by up to 50%.

• Hybrid design, combining power and data communication
• Housing with 8 power contacts and fast Ethernet interface
• Optional housing with 11 + PE (Protection Earth) contacts
• Wire-to-board, wire-to-panel and wire-to-wire designs
• Extremely robust contact design for longer durability with stainless steel locking lance and multiple contact points
• Gold, silver and tin plated contacts for industrial automation requirements
• Radial sealing elements provide IP67 sealing performance
• Hydraulic oil-resistant plastic enclosures or EMC protected metal enclosures
• Bulkhead, connector and wire to-wire connectors in 90° and 180° designs
• Turning catch-lock ensures safe locking even in high shock and vibration applications

• High-performance process control systems applications
• Machine automation applications
• Factory automation systems
• Control valves and control units
• Stand-alone or remote power units
• Railway systems and outdoor transportation control systems


Part Name(s) : GB042 GB042-10P-H10-E3000 GB042-10S-H10-E3000 GB042-20P-H10-E3000 GB042-20S-H10-E3000 GB042-24P-H10-E3000 GB042-24S-H10-E3000 GB042-28P-H10-E3000 GB042-28S-H10-E3000 GB042-30P-H10-E3000 GB042-30S-H10-E3000 GB042-34P-H10-E3000 GB042-34S-H10-E3000 GB042-40P-H10-E3000 GB042-40S-H10-E3000 GB042-44P-H10-E3000 GB042-44S-H10-E3000 GB042-50P-H10-E3000 GB042-50S-H10-E3000 GB042-54P-H10-E3000 GB042-54S-H10-E3000 GB042-60P-H10-E3000 GB042-60S-H10-E3000 GB042-64P-H10-E3000 GB042-64S-H10-E3000 Unspecified
Description : 0.4mm pitch PCB to PCB Connector


GB042 series
0.4mm pitch PCB to PCB Connector

• GB042 series Connector is 0.4 mm pitch, low profile PCB to PCB SMT type
• Improved contact reliability with plug and receptacle contacting at 2 point
• Stable unmating mechanism preventing receptacle contact from being deformed.

• Mobile phone
• Compact portable devices, etc

GB044 series
0.4mm pitch PCB to PCB Connector

• GB044 Series Connector is 0.4 mm pitch, low profile PCB to PCB SMT Type
• Improved contact reliability with plug and receptacle contacting at 2 point
• Stable unmating mechanism preventing receptacle contact from being
• The locking structures provided for the hold down improve the unmating force.

• Mobile phone
• Compact portable devices, etc

Part Name(s) : AP105-DF1-2428S DF1-10A1.05 DF1-10A1.33 DF1-10P-2.5DS DF1-10P-2.5DSA DF1-10S-2.5C DF1-10S-2.5R24 DF1-10S-2.5R26 DF1-10S-2.5R28 DF1-11A1.05 DF1-11A1.33 DF1-11P-2.5DS DF1-11P-2.5DSA DF1-11S-2.5C DF1-11S-2.5R24 DF1-11S-2.5R26 DF1-11S-2.5R28 DF1-12A1.05 DF1-12A1.33 DF1-12P-2.5DS DF1-12P-2.5DSA DF1-12S-2.5C DF1-12S-2.5R24 DF1-12S-2.5R26 DF1-12S-2.5R28 Hirose
Description : 2.5mm Pitch Connector for Discrete Wire Connection

2.5mm Pitch Connector for Discrete Wire Connection

1. Board Mounting Height (Crimping Type)
   10mm2.5mm pitch connector achieves the low profile.
2. Insulation Displacement Area Protected by Protector (ID Type)
   The connector is structured to protect the insulation displacement connection area by the protector. Therefore, the connector has a strong tensile strength against the cable and prevents dusts.
3. Easy Connection by Easy Tool (ID Type)
   No expensive insulation displacement machine is needed. The connection can be established only by mating the cable into the protector and fastening it with the ID tool.
4. Intermediate Connection Possible (ID Type)
   For intermediate connection, the connector allows signal extraction during cabling.

Part Name(s) : PE4157 PASTERNACK
Pasternack Enterprises, Inc.
Description : 75 Ohm SMB Plug Connector Crimp/Solder Attachment For RG180, RG195

75 Ohm SMB Plug Connector Crimp/Solder Attachment For RG180, RG195

Connector  SMB Plug
Connector Specification  MIL-C-39012
Connector Interface Type  RG180,RG195
Cable Attachment Method (Shield/Contact)  Crimp/Solder
Body Style  Straight

Part Name(s) : 74441-0007 74441-0017 Molex
Molex Connectors
Description : 0.80mm (.031) Pitch Z-Axis Pluggable Host Connector for 10 Gigabit XFP Modules

The 30-pin Z-Axis Pluggable host connector enables the use of emerging gigabit-speed hot-pluggable transceiver modules for horizontal front-panel access. It conforms to the host-board layout as defined in the 10 Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable (XFP) Multi-source Agreement (MSA) for 10-Gigabit data rates. Molex is referenced as an approved source in the MSA.

Features and Benefits
■30-pin, 0.80mm (.031”) pitch connector with SMT leads for high-speed data transmission
■Coplanarity of solder terminals within 0.10mm (.004”) for processing reliability
■Card entry slot accepts 1.0mm (.039”) thick integrated circuit board for use with MSA-compliant
pluggable modules
■Alignment posts provide stable placement on the PCB during processing
■Standoffs allow easy PCB cleaning after soldering
■Tape-and-reel packaging for SMT robotic placement
■SMT design provides option for connector placement on either side of the PCB
■High-temperature thermoplastic, UL94V-0, for dimensional stability
■Select-gold plated contacts with a choice of plating thicknesses for optimizing cost and performance

The 30-pin host connector attaches 10-Gigabit XFP pluggable transceivers in a horizontal Z-axis to the host
PCB for use in various data networking equipment:
■Storage devicess

Part Name(s) : FH26 FH26-13S-0.3SHW FH26-15S-0.3SHW FH26-17S-0.3SHW FH26-21S-0.3SHW FH26-23S-0.3SHW FH26-25S-0.3SHW FH26-27S-0.3SHW FH26-29S-0.3SHW FH26-31S-0.3SHW FH26-33S-0.3SHW FH26-35S-0.3SHW FH26-37S-0.3SHW FH26-39S-0.3SHW FH26-41S-0.3SHW FH26-45S-0.3SHW FH26-51S-0.3SHW FH26-55S-0.3SHW FH26-57S-0.3SHW FH26-61S-0.3SHW FH26-71S-0.3SHW FH26W-13S-0.3SHW FH26W-15S-0.3SHW FH26W-17S-0.3SHW FH26W-19S-0.3SHW Hirose
Description : 0.3mm Contact Pitch, 1mm above the board, Flexible Printed Circuit ZIF Connectors

0.3mm Contact Pitch, 1mm above the board, Flexible Printed Circuit ZIF Connectors

1. Extremely light weight
The typical version, with all 51 contacts loaded, weights only 0.1 grams.
2. Easy solderability on the PC board
The soldering leads are on 0.6 mm pitch, exiting on front and back of the connector.
3. Conductive traces on the PCB can run under the connector
No exposed contacts on the bottom of the connector.
4. Easy FPC insertion and reliable electrical connection
Proven Flip LockR actuator allows easy insertion of FPC.
Tactile sensation when fully closed confirms complete electrical and mechanical connection.
5. Accepts standard thickness FPC
0.2mm thick standard Flexible Printed Circuit board can be used.
This is the only ultra-low profile ZIF connector allowing the use of standard FPC.
6. Board placement with automatic equipment
Flat top surface and packaging on the tape-and-reel allows use of vacuum nozzles.
Standard reel contains 5,000 connectors.
7. The connector does not use chlorine and bromine exceeding standard limits.(FH26W series)
* Defined in accordance with IEC61249-2-21 Br 900ppm or lower, Cl 900ppm or lower, Br + Cl 1,500ppm or lower
8. Available for 500 pieces packaging
Although the normal product is 5,000 pieces per reel, 500 winds per reel is also available.
(Emboss reel external diameter is Ø180mm.)

Part Name(s) : 350-FI-2B CT150-4C-FIR CT215-4B FI-R FI-RC3-1A-1E-15000 FI-RE21CL FI-RE21CL-SH2-3000 FI-RE21HL FI-RE21S-HF FI-RE21S-HF-R1500 FI-RE21S-VF FI-RE21S-VF-R1300 FI-RE31CL FI-RE31CL-SH2-3000 FI-RE31HL FI-RE31S-HF FI-RE31S-HF-R1500 FI-RE31S-VF FI-RE31S-VF-R1300 FI-RE41CL FI-RE41CL-SH2-3000 FI-RE41HL FI-RE41S-HF FI-RE41S-HF-R1500 FI-RE41S-VF JAE
Japan Aviation Electronics Industry, Ltd.
Description : Connector for Internal Serial Transmission

Connector for Internal Serial Transmission

High-speed serial transmission such as LVDS, TMDS (HDMI), and PCI Express are widely used in applications in a variety ofmarkets including the personal computer, TV, consumer device,copier, and medical device markets.
In these applications connectors not only need to have the ability to transmit signals at high speed, but they also must have the durability, ease of mating, and variety of options to respond to the demands of all designs. The FI-R is the ideal connector series to meet these demands.

•0.5mm terminal pitch, 3.8mm connector, compact design with 21, 31, 41, and 51 positions.
•Stable mating with large mating guides on the Plug.
•Strong PCB retention with solderhold-downs on the Receptacle.
•Impedance matching: 100 ohm. Ground reinforced by shell structure and hold-downs.
•Receptacle options include with and without shell, and right-angle and straight types, all with a common footprint.
•Mechanical lock to prevent mis-mating and accidental unmating.
•Plug options for discrete wire crimping, fine coaxial wire soldering,and FFC to suit a variety of needs.
•VESA standard connector for TV LCD interface.


Part Name(s) : PE4106 ETC
Description : BNC Female Bulkhead Connector Crimp/Solder Attachment For RG174, RG316, RG188, .480 inch D Hole


BNC Female Bulkhead Connector Crimp/Solder Attachment For RG174, RG316, RG188, .480 inch D Hole from Pasternack Enterprises has same day shipment for domestic and International orders. We maintain 99% availability of the industry’s broadest selection of RF, microwave and fiber optic products.

    Connector  BNC Female
    Connector Interface Type  RG174,RG316,RG188
    Cable Attachment Method (Shield/Contact)  Crimp/Solder
    Body Style  Straight
    Mount Method  Bulkhead

Electrical Specifications
    Frequency Range, GHz  DC to 4
    Impedance, Ohms  50
    Maximum Operating Voltage, Volts  500
    Dielectric Withstanding Voltage, Vrms  1,500
    Frequency 1
    Frequency, MHz  DC to 1,000
    VSWR  1.6:1

Mechanical Specifications
   Operating Range, deg C  -65 to +165
   Length, in [mm]  1.42 [36.07]
   Width/Dia., in [mm]  0.689 [18]
   Weight, lbs [g]  0.041 [18.6]

   Type  BNC Female
   Contact Material and Plating   Brass, Gold
   Contact Plating Specification  30µ in. minimum
   Body Material and Plating  Brass, Nickel
   Body Plating Specification  100µ in. minimum
   Dielectric Type   Teflon
Compliance Certifications (visit for current document)
   RoHS Compliant  Yes


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