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Description : kinds of single Relays , power Relays , Automotive Relays ...lays , pc-board Relays , plug-in Relays , PCB Relays , miniature Relays

kinds of single Relays , power Relays , Automotive Relays ...lays , pc-board Relays , plug-in Relays , PCB Relays , miniature Relays

Description : Automotive Relays

Twin Relays EN2/EP2 Series
Single Relays EP1/MR301 Series

The EN2, EP2, EPI and MR301 series power Relays can meet the requirements of high quality and reliability in Automotive eIectronics applications. The EN2 and EP2 series are the twin Relays which have two units in one package and smaller than conventional two Relays. These Relays are divided into two types for different usage. One is H bridge type and the other is separate type. The EN2 series is suitable for heavy load applications (35 A max.). The EP2 series is designed for medium load applications (25 A max.). The EP1 and MR301 series are the 1C contact form Relays. Many of these Relays have been used in Automotive electronics applications throughout the world



Description : 0.4mm pitch PCB to PCB Connector


GB042 series
0.4mm pitch PCB to PCB Connector

• GB042 series Connector is 0.4 mm pitch, low profile PCB to PCB SMT type
• Improved contact reliability with plug and receptacle contacting at 2 point
• Stable unmating mechanism preventing receptacle contact from being deformed.

• Mobile phone
• Compact portable devices, etc

GB044 series
0.4mm pitch PCB to PCB Connector

• GB044 Series Connector is 0.4 mm pitch, low profile PCB to PCB SMT Type
• Improved contact reliability with plug and receptacle contacting at 2 point
• Stable unmating mechanism preventing receptacle contact from being
• The locking structures provided for the hold down improve the unmating force.

• Mobile phone
• Compact portable devices, etc

Description : High Dynamic Range Dual Amplifier

Product Description
The AH11 is a high power linear amplifier for use in digital communications systems. It combines low noise figure and high intercept point into a low cost SMT solution. This device extends the linear efficiency advantages of WJ’s AH1 to higher power levels. The device packaging allows for both balanced and push-pull operation. A mature and reliable GaAs MESFET technology is employed to maximize linearity at low power dissipation. The package is a thermally enhanced SOIC-8 and all devices are 100% RF tested.

Product Features
• 250-3000 MHz Bandwidth
• 44 dBm Output IP3 in a Balanced Configuration
• 47 dBm Output IP3 in a PushPull Configuration
• 3.7 dB Noise Figure
• 12 dB Gain
• 27 dBm P1dB
• Surface Mount
• Thermally Enhanced SOIC-8 pkg
• Single +5 Volt Supply

Description : InGaP HBT Gain Block

Product Description
The ECG002 is a general-purpose buffer amplifier that offers high dynamic range in a low-cost surface-mount package. At 1000 MHz, the ECG002 typically provides 20 dB of gain, +29 dBm Output IP3, and +15.5 dBm P1dB.

Product Features
• DC – 6 GHz
• +15.5 dBm P1dB at 1 GHz
• +29 dBm OIP3 at 1 GHz
• 20 dB Gain at 1 GHz
• 3.8 dB Noise Figure
• Available in lead-free/green SOT-86, SOT-363, & SOT-89 package styles
• Internally matched to 50 Ω

• Mobile Infrastructure
• WiMAX / WiBro

Description : 2.7 GHz DDS-Based AgileRF™ Synthesizer

The AD9956 is Analog Devices’ newest AgileRF synthesizer. The device is comprised of DDS and PLL circuitry. The DDS features a 14-bit DAC operating at up to 400 MSPS and a 48-bit frequency tuning word (FTW). The PLL circuitry includes a phase frequency detector with scaleable 200 MHz inputs (divider inputs operate up to 655 MHz) and digital control over the charge pump current. The device also includes a 655 MHz CML-mode PECL-compliant driver with programmable slew rates. The AD9956 uses advanced DDS technology, an internal high speed, high performance DAC, and an advanced phase frequency detector/charge pump combination, which, when used with an external VCO, enables the synthesis of digitally programmable, frequency-agile analog output sinusoidal waveforms up to 2.7 GHz.

   400 MSPS internal DDS clock speed
   48-bit frequency tuning word
   14-bit programmable phase offset
   Integrated 14-bit DAC
      Excellent dynamic performance
      Phase noise ≤ 135 dBc/Hz @ 1 KHz offset
      −80 dB SFDR @ 160 MHz (±100 KHz offset IOUT)
   25 Mb/s write-speed serial I/O control
   200 MHz phase frequency detector inputs
   655 MHz programmable input dividers for the phase
      frequency detector (÷M, ÷N) {M, N = 1..16} (bypassable)
   Programmable RF divider (÷R) {R = 1, 2, 4, 8} (bypassable)
   8 phase/frequency profiles
   1.8 V supply for device operation
   3.3 V supply for I/O and charge pump
   Software controlled power-down
   48-lead LFCSP package
   Automatic linear frequency sweeping capability (in DDS)
   Programmable charge pump current (up to 4 mA)
   Phase modulation capability
   Multichip synchronization
   Dual-mode PLL lock detect
   655 MHz CML-mode PECL-compliant driver

   Agile LO frequency synthesis
   FM chirp source for radar and scanning systems
   Automotive radars
   Test and measurement equipment
   Acousto-optic device drivers

Description : 2c 15A, 4c 10A polarized power Relays SP Relays

SP Relays 2c 15A, 4c 10A polarized power Relays

1. Small, slim form factor
   Facilitating the form factor reduction of devices, the overall height of the relay package is less than half that of our HP relay.
2. High sensitivity
   The high-efficiency polarized electromagnetic mechanism in conjunction with our exclusive spring alignment method achieves levels of sensitivity higher than Relays that have been available up to now. For both the 2 Form C and 4 Form C single side stable and 2 coil latching types, the 150 mW minimum operating power level allows direct driving by transistor or chip controllers.
3. High reliability and long life
   With a structure that ensures almost perfectly complete twin contact and minimal contact bounce, you get greater reliability than has so far been provided by power Relays.
4. Latching types also available
   1 coil latching and 2 coil latching types are available. In cases where it was formerly unavoidable to use pluralRelays for large power memory, you can now use a single SP relay.
5. Strong resistance to vibration and shock
   Our balanced armature technology well withstands vibration and shocks. It provides strong resistance to vibration and shock.
6. Terminals and mounting boards are available.

Description : Miniature Relays

The NEC TOKIN’s Miniature Relays have evolved in response to various demands.

Communication equipment, measurement instrument, FA equipment, electric home appliances and Automotive electronics, and all the rest. In line with the increasing range of functions and downsizing of the various equipments, miniature Relays have to respond to the demands of not only high performance and reliability, but also downsizing, low profile and environment resistance.
NEC TOKIN uses the state-of-the-art technologies based on the integration of mechatronics and electronics, and has timely released excellent products. These are Miniature Signal Relays and Power Relays. They are ultra miniature and lightweight, and are suitable for high density packaging. In 2009 NEC TOKIN reached the 4 billion mark in the number of Relays shipped and is updating the record daily now.

NEC TOKIN provides the best-seller products already used for various applications, and variety of products such as a flat type for low profile mounting, a slim type for high density mounting, low power consumption type and excellent environment resistance type.

• Compact, lightweight, ultra-low profile with high density
• The low power consumption
• Extremely durable plastic sealing
• Small but high withstanding voltage
• Lineup of SMTs (surface mount type) also available


1. Small size and light weight
   For space saving, the outside dimensions
   of the main body are reduced to be 21.5
   mm (length) × 14.4 mm (width) × 37 mm
   (height) (.846 × .567 × 1.457 inch). and
   the weight is also reduced to be approx.
   19 g .67 oz (Direct coupling 1 Form A, 1 Form B type)
2. Water tightness
   Since the Relays comply with the water
   tightness standards, JIS D 0203, water
   and dust will not enter the relay even if it is
   mounted in the engine area.
3. Low operaing power (1.4W) type is
   available (1 Form A, 1 Form B)
4. Since the terminal arrangement
   complies with JIS D5011 B4-M1, commercial connectors are available for
   these types of Relays.

Description : General Purpose Relays PCB Relays Power PCB Relay RT2

2 pole 8A, 2 form C (CO) or 2 form A (NO) contacts
Sensitive coil 400mW
5kV/10mm coil-contact, reinforced insulation
Ambient temperature 85°C

Typical applications
Boiler control, timers, garage door control, POS automation, interface modules

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