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Description : 1 Watt SIP7 Single and Dual Output

The RP series has very high isolation of 5.2kVDC in a compact size. The converters are suitable for IGBT driver applications. The /X2 version has rearranged pins to permit an input output separation of more than 9mm.

Unregulated Converters
• Pot-core transformer - separated windings
• high 5.2kVDC/1s basic isolation in compact size
• Optional continuous short circuit protection
• Effciency up to 82%
• Pin compatible with RH and RK series
• Suitable for IGBT applications
• IEC/EN/UL/CSA 60950-1 certifed

Description : C-Band DWDM DFB Laser Component

C-Band DWDM DFB Laser Component

The 1754C laser component is a Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) laser for analog CATV applications. It features a distributed-feedback (DFB) device that has been designed specifically for radio frequency (RF) and CATV applications. The 1754C laser component has a wide temperature range for reliable performance in harsh node environments and narrow transmitter designs. It also features low adiabatic chirp to maximize signal quality in short and long lengths of fiber. The laser’s excellent inherent linearity minimizes degradation of the broadcast signals caused by quadrature amplitude modulated (QAM) channels.
The 1754C is available in all C-band ITU grid wavelengths.

■ Standard ITU Grid Wavelengths
■ Advanced Analog Chip Design
■ Reduced Equipment Requirements in the Hub
■ OC-48 Pin Out
■ Telcordia Technologies™ 468 Compliant
■ Wide Temperature Range – Stable Even in Harsh Environments
■ RoHS Compliant

■ CATV Broadcast Networks
■ Networks with Limited Fiber
■ Archtectures Using Separate Optical Wavelengths to Carry Targeted Services

Description : 1 Watt SIP 7 Single & Dual Output

Unregulated Converters
● Safety standards and approvals:
   EN 60950 certified, rated for
   250VAC (LVD test report)
● UL-60950-1 / CSA C22.2 certified
● 5.2kVDC Isolation
Power Sharing
● Pin Compatible with RH & RK Series,
   SIP DC-DC Converters
● UL94V-0 Package Material
● Efficiency to 82%

Description : ECONOLINE - DC/DC-Converter

RT Series, 1 Watt, DIP14, Isolated Outputs (Dual Output)

● Twin Independent Outputs
● Output/Output Isolation 1kVDC
Power Sharing on Outputs
● Input/Output Isolation 1kVDC
● No Heatsink Required
● Toroidal Magnetics
● No Extern. Components Required
● Custom Solutions Available
● UL94V-0 Package Material
● Efficiency to 80%

Description : Illuminated Type LS6 Series

1. The small size of switches allows a high level of frexibility in layout, with the two different thicknesses available, permitting greater freedom of combination with other components making set design simple.
2. LEDs are fitted on each corner of th switch, in the following combination 1LED (1 color×1); 2 LEDs (2 color 1 color×2), and 4 LEDs (max. 2 colors). A switch without LED is also available.
3. Refiow soldering is possible using a reflow furnace.

   LUMISWITCH, LS6 series, can be used as a function control switch in the following applications.
      TV, VCR, audio equipment, automotive and telecommunication equipment, measuring instruments, facsimiles, telephone sets, car audio products etc.

Description : Low-speed Monitoring Unit

Low-speed Monitoring Function Ensures Safety for Maintenance Work

• Motor rotation speed detected by Proximity Sensor.
• Monitors and confirms that speed does not exceed the preset level.
• Includes an Enabling Switch input for maintenance work.
• Detailed LED indications enable easy fault diagnosis.
• PLd/Safety Category 3 (ISO 13849-1), SIL 3 (IEC/EN 62061) certified.


a) Temp. rise : 30°C Max.
b) Rated current : Base on temp. rise
c) Storage temp. : -55°C to +125°C
d) Operating temp. : -55°C to +125°C
e) Resistance to solder heat : 260°C.10secs


Description : Accessories Industrial Power Relay RT / RP / SR2M

Accessories Industrial Power Relay RT / RP / SR2M
and similar design: pinnings 3.5mm / 5mm; Relay heights 15.7 / 25.5mm

• New retainer clip with ejection function
• Easy replacement of Relays on a densely packed DIN rail
• High quality rising clamp terminals
• Captive combination terminal screws
• No reduction of protection class or creepage/clearance with plastic retainer
• Simple plug-in indicator- and protection modules
• White snap-on tags
• Not suitable for bistable Relays with 2 coils Accessories for sockets:
• Rejector
• LED- and protection modules
• Marking tags

Description : SD Memory Card, Industrial SLC Model

Product Outline
FX series are SD/SDHC memory cards adopting built-in Industrial SLC type NAND flash memory and is suitable for Industrial applications where frequent writes are required. They are adequate for the applications, where large data load are written, such as security camera, factory automation, broadcast equipment and drive recorders. They are formatted complying with SD card specification.

Part Name(s) : SR2M SR2M
Tyco Electronics
Description : Safety Relay SR2M

General Purpose Relays
Safety Relay SR2M

■ 2 pole safety Relay with either 1NO+1NC or 2CO contacts
■ Forcibly guided contacts according to EN 50205
■ Rated current 6 A
■ 6 kV surge resistance between poles

   Emergency shut-off, machine control, elevator and escalator control, light barrier control

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