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Representative of the recent trends towards smaller size and higher functionality of portable devices and towards higher speed CPUs for computers, electronic devices are rapidly becoming smaller in size, lighter in weight and are achieving higher performance, and it is essential that their circuit boards and switching power supplies be made to consume less power, are more efficient, generate less noise and support higher density packaging. Moreover, in order to suppress the surge voltage that is applied across a diode during switching and the noise generated by a steep dv/dt characteristic, snubber circuits, beads and the like are used, but as a result the number of components increases, leading to greater cost. In order to achieve better portability, AC adapters for notebook computers are being miniaturized; however, the trend toward higher power consumption results in higher internal temperatures, increasing the severity of the environment in which these semiconductor devices are used.

Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs) exhibit the proper ties of low forward voltage (VF), soft recovery and low noise, and are widely used in the secondary source rectifying circuits of switching power supplies.


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