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GP1S094HCZ0F Gap : 3mm, Slit : 0.3mm Phototransistor Output, Compact Transmissive Photointerrupter Sharp
Sharp Electronics Sharp
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GP1S094HCZ0F Datasheet PDF : GP1S094HCZ0F pdf   
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■ Description
GP1S094HCZ0F is a compact-package, phototransistor output, transmissive photointerrupter, with opposing emitter and detector in a molding that provides non-contact sensing. The compact package series is a result of unique technology combing transfer and injection molding.
This device has a wide gap and positioning pins.

■ Features
1. Transmissive with phototransistor output
2. Highlights:
   • Compact Size
   • Positioning Pin to prevent misalignment
3. Key Parameters:
   • Gap Width : 3mm
   • Slit Width (detector side): 0.3mm
   • Package : 5.5×2.6×4.8mm
4. Lead free and RoHS directive compliant

■ Applications
1. Detection of object presence or motion.
2. Example: printer, lens control for camera

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