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Microchip Technology
DSPIC33FJ12MC202 dsPIC33F/PIC24H Flash Programming Specification

This document defines the programming specification for the dsPIC33F 16-bit Digital Signal Controller (DSC) and PIC24H 16-bit Microcontroller (MCU) families. This programming specification isrequired only for those developing programming support for the dsPIC33F/PIC24H family. Customers only using one of these devices should use development tools that already provide support for device programming.

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Microchip Technology
DSPIC33EP256MC202 16-bit Embedded Control Solutions

The top challenges facing today’s embedded system designer are attaining product specification and performance goals, achieving on-time market launch and meeting cost targets. Microchip’s 16-bit Microcontroller & Digital Signal Controller families deliver the performance, peripherals, software and hardware development tools to meet these objectives.

16-bit Microcontrollers & dsPIC® Digital Signal Controllers

• Motor control and digital power peripherals
• eXtreme Low Power
• USB and CAN connectivity
• Integrated graphics drivers PIC24 dsPIC33

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