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W25Q64BVSFIG 64M-bit Serial Flash Memory with uniform 4KB sectors and Dual/Quad SPI


1. Dual/Quad Serial Peripheral Interface
2. Uniform 4KB erasable sectors & 32KB/64KB erasable blocks
3. 32,768 pages (256 bytes), page program in 0.7mS (typ.)
4. Single/Dual/Quad Fast Read instructions
5. Clock operation up to 80MHz (320MHz equivalent with Quad I/O Read)
6. 2.7 to 3.6V power supply
7. 4mA active read current, 1µA power down current
8. -40° to +85°C operating range
9. Erase suspend / resume, Suspend Status Bit
10. Factory-programmed unique ID
11. Electronic ID, Hardware and software write protection for top or bottom blocks
12.  Lock-Down and OTP protection

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