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OMRON Corporation
V-10-1C2L6-T Snap Action Switch

other parts : V-10-1A4  V-10-1A4-K  V-10-1A4-T  V-10-1A4-T-K  V-10-1A5  V-10-1A5-K  V-10-1A5-T  V-10-1A5-T-K  V-10-1A6  V-10-1A6-K  
V-10-1C2L6-T PDF
OMRON Corporation
V-10-1C2L6-T-K Snap Action Switch

other parts : V-10-1A4  V-10-1A4-K  V-10-1A4-T  V-10-1A4-T-K  V-10-1A5  V-10-1A5-K  V-10-1A5-T  V-10-1A5-T-K  V-10-1A6  V-10-1A6-K  
V-10-1C2L6-T-K PDF

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