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TS613D High-speed operational amplifier evaluation board kit

The KITHSEVAL/STDL high-speed operational amplifier evaluation board kit is comprised of:

■ 5 unmounted evaluation boards,
■ a CDROM of documentation, including:
  – a user manual for the boards,
  – datasheets for the supported high-speed operational amplifiers.
Each evaluation board allows the user to evaluate one operational amplifier at a time. Each  evaluation board is generic for a given package and number of channels:

■ The SOT23_SINGLE_HF board supports a single-channel high-speed operational amplifier in the SOT23-5L package.
■ The SO8_SINGLE_HF board supports a single channel high-speed operational amplifier in SO8 package.
■ The SO8_DUAL_HF board supports a dual high-speed operational amplifier in the SO8 package.
■ The S08_S_MULTI board supports a high speed operational amplifier in the SO8 package for both inverting and non-inverting configurations, dual or single supplies.
■ The SO14_TRIPLE board supports a triple high-speed op-amp in the SO14 package with video application considerations.

Each of these evaluation boards is unmounted PCB, and must be mounted with the necessary external components. The choice of these external components depend upon which operational amplifier is being evaluated, as well as the desired evaluation conditions (desired gain, etc.). A layout example is shown for each demoboard in the user manual on the kit’s CDROM.


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