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ST1333-BD10 6-Contact Memory Card IC 272-bit EEPROM with Advanced Security Mechanisms

The members of the ST1331/1333/1353 family are principally designed for use in prepaid Phonecard applications. Each is a 272-bit EEPROM device, with associated security logic and special fuses to control memory access. The memory is arranged as a matrix of 34 x 8 cells, accessed in a serial bit wise fashion for reading and programming, and in card is unexpectedly extracted, while an operation is underway, in an open reader.

■5 V Single Supply Voltage
■Counting Capability (two options)
– up to 32767 (85-1)
– 8 times reloadable, up to 4095 (84-1)
■Active Authentication Function (ST1333/1353)
■Cipher Block Chaining Function (ST1353)
■Memory Divided into :
– 16 bits of Circuit Identification
– 48 bits of Card Identification
– 40 bits of Count Data
– 16 bits for Validation Certificate
– 24 bits of Transport Code
– 64 bits of Issuer Data (ST1331) or Authentication Secret Key (ST1333/1353)
– 32 bits of Anti-tearing Flags (optional)
– 56 bits of User data (optionally not erasable)
■1 Million Erase/Write Cycle (minimum)
■10 Year Data Retention (minimum)
■3.5 ms Programming Time at 5 V (typical)
■500 µA Supply Current at 5 V (typical)
■250 µA Stand-by Current at 5 V (typical)


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