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Sanken Electric co.,ltd.
SI-3150F/3157F 5-Terminal, Multi-Function, Full-Mold, Low Dropout Voltage Dropper Type

5-Terminal, Multi-Function, Full-Mold, Low Dropout Voltage Dropper Type

â– Features
• Compact full-mold package (equivalent to TO220)
• Output current: 1.0A
• Low dropout voltage: VDIF≤1V (at IO=1.0A)
• Variable output voltage (rise only)
   May be used for remote sensing (excluding SI-3025F)
• Output ON/OFF control terminal is compatible with LS-TTL.
  (It may be directly driven by LS-TTL or standard CMOS logic.)
• Built-in foldback overcurrent, overvoltage, thermal protection circuits
• Variable output voltage type (SI-3025F) also available

â– Applications
• For stabilization of the secondary stage of switching power supplies
• Electronic equipment

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SI-3150F/3157F PDF


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