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Renesas Electronics

The R8C/2A Group and R8C/2B Group of single-chip MCUs incorporates the R8C/Tiny Series CPU core, employing sophisticated instructions for a high level of efficiency. With 1 Mbyte of address space, and it is capable of executing instructions at high speed. In addition, the CPU core boasts a multiplier for high-speed operation processing.
Power consumption is low, and the supported operating modes allow additional power control. These MCUs also use an anti-noise configuration to reduce emissions of electromagnetic noise and are designed to withstand EMI. Integration of many peripheral functions, including multifunction timer and serial interface, reduces the number of system components.
Furthermore, the R8C/2B Group has on-chip data flash (1 KB × 2 blocks). The difference between the R8C/2A Group and R8C/2B Group is only the presence or absence of data flash. Their peripheral functions are the same.

Electronic household appliances, office equipment, audio equipment, consumer equipment, etc.

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