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Texas Instruments
LM3488QMMX/NOPB High Efficiency Low-Side N-Channel Controller for Switching Regulator

The LM3488 is a versatile low-side N-FET high-performance controller for switching regulators. This device is suitable for use in topologies requiring low-side FET, such as boost, flyback, or SEPIC. Moreover, the LM3488 can be operated at extremely high switching frequency to reduce the overall solution size. The switching frequency of LM3488 can be adjusted to any value from 100 kHz to 1 MHz by using a single external resistor or by synchronizing it to an external clock. Current mode control provides superior bandwidth and transient response, besides cycle-by-cycle current limiting. Output current can be
programmed with a single external resistor.

• LM3488-Q1 is AEC-Q100 Qualified and Manufactured on an Automotive-Grade Flow
• 8-Lead VSSOP Package
• Internal Push-Pull Driver With 1-A Peak Current Capability
• Current Limit and Thermal Shutdown
• Frequency Compensation Optimized With a Capacitor and a Resistor
• Internal Soft-Start
• Current Mode Operation
• Undervoltage Lockout With Hysteresis
• Key Specifications:
– Wide Supply Voltage Range of 2.97 V to 40 V
– 100-kHz to 1-MHz Adjustable and Synchronizable Clock Frequency
– ±1.5% (Overtemperature) Internal Reference
– 5-µA Shutdown Current (Overtemperature)

• Distributed Power Systems
• Notebook, PDA, Digital Camera, and other Portable Applications
• Offline Power Supplies
• Set-Top Boxes

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