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Weltrend Semiconductor
WT61P8 Flat Panel Display Control Sub-MCU

General Description
The WT61P8 is a microcontroller for flat panel display control and power management with 1) Turbo 8052 CPU, 2) 64K bytes flash memory, 3) 1K+256 bytes SRAM, 4) 8 8-bit PWMs, 5) DPMS detector(2 H/V inputs, Support H+V input) , 6) 4 timers and 2 UART Ports, 7) 2 DDC/CI interface, 8) Slave I2C interface, 9) 8 channel 8-bit A/D converter, 10) Real Time Clock, 11) Watch-dog timer, 12) Embedded ISP function, 13) Power down mode, 14) Embedded ICE mode. 15) H/W CEC

1.1. Features
● Embedded Turbo 8052 CPU
   • Normal operation mode: 12MHz, 6MHz, 3MHz, 1MHz or 24MHz, 12MHz, 6MHz, 2MHz (Selectable Clock Sources)
   • Instruction execution time : Min. =250ns at OSC=12Mhz
● Memory:
   • RAM: 1K+256 Bytes
   • Flash memory : 64K Bytes
● 4 similar 8052 timers: Timer0, Timer1, Timer2, Timer3
● 2 similar 8052 UART ports, support baud rate 115200 – 1200 at OSC = 12MHz
● Sync processor for monitoring DPMS (support 2 H/V inputs, Support H+V inputs) wake up signal.
● 8-bit A/D converter with 8 selectable inputs, shared with IO pin
● 8 8-bit PWM pin output (One low frequency PWM at 150Hz for dimmer control)
● Support 2 DDC/CI interface
● Slave mode I2C interface
● Maximum 37 programmable IO pins
● Hardware universal IR Receiver
● Watch Dog timer
● Build-in RTC
● Build-in ISP function
● Embedded ICE mode
● Embedded H/W CEC function
● Power down mode
   • Selectable CPU clock sources
   • CPU off mode can be waked up by external interrupt
● Operating temperature : -10 to +85 degree C

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Weltrend Semiconductor

WT61P805 datasheet pdf : WT61P805 WELTREND QFP48
WT61P805 datasheet of Weltrend is not available.

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