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TDA7342NTR Digitally controlled audio processor

The audioprocessor TDA7342 is an upgrade of the TDA731X audioprocessor family.
Due to a highly linear signal processing, using CMOS-switching techniques instead of standard bipolar multipliers, very low distortion and very low noise are obtained. Several new features like softmute, and zero-crossing mute are implemented. The soft Mute function can be activated in two ways:
   1. Via serial bus (Mute byte, bit D0)
   2. Directly on pin 21 through an I/O line of the microcontroller
Very low DC stepping is obtained by use of a BICMOS technology.

■ Input multiplexer
   – Two stereo and one mono inputs
   – One quasi differential input
   – Selectable input gain for optimal adaptation to different sources
■ Fully programmable loudness function
■ Volume control in 0.3dB steps including gain up to 20dB
■ Zero crossing mute, soft mute and direct mute
■ Bass and treble control
■ Four speaker attenuators
   – Four independent speakers control in 1.25dB steps for balance and fader facilities
   – Independent mute function
■ All functions programmable via serial I2C bus

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