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ROHM Semiconductor
SML-311YT_ Chip LEDs with low power consumption

The SML-311 series are low power consumption, chip LEDs equipped with an AlGalnP chip. These LEDs are compact and leadless to allow a higher mounting density, and low power consumption makes them an ideal light source for battery driven products.

‚óŹ Features
1) Three colors : red, orange and yellow.
2) Low power consumption chip LEDs equipped with an AlGalnP chip.
3) Six times the brightness of previous GaAsP chips at IF = 2 mA.
4) Compact 1.6mm x 0.8mm surface mount package.
5) Thin 0.8mm package.
6) Ideal light source for battery driven products.

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ROHM Semiconductor
SML-311YT_REV_C 0603<1.6 0.8 t=0.8mm> Low Current Type(IF 10mA)

0603<1.6 0.8 t=0.8mm> Low Current Type(IF 10mA)

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