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S21MD9T Low Input Driving Type Phototriac Coupler

■ Features
1. Low input driving current
   (S11MD7T/ S11MD8T/ S21MD7T/ S21MD8T
   I FT : MAX. 5mA
   S11MD9T /S21MD9T IFT : MAX.7mA )
2. Pin No. 5 completely molded for external noise resistance
3. Built-in zero-cross circuit   (S11MD8T/S21MD8T)
4. High repetitive peak OFF-state voltage
   (S11MD7T / S11MD8T / S11MD9T
   VDRM : MIN. 400V
   S21MD7T / S21MD8T / S21MD9T
   VDRM :

other parts : S11MD7T  S11MD8T  S11MD9T  S21MD7T  S21MD8T  


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