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Maxim Integrated
REF01AZ +5V, +10V Precision Voltage References

General Description
The REF01 and REF02 are precision voltage references that are pretrimmed to within ±3% of +10V and +5V,
respectively. Both references feature excellent temperature stability (as low as 8.5 ppm/°C worst case), low current drain, and low noise.

♦Pretrimmed to +5V, +10V ±0.3%
♦Excellent Temperature Stability: 3ppm/°C
♦Low Noise: 10µVp-p (REF02)
♦Low Supply Current: 1.4mA max
♦Short-Circuit Proof
♦Linear Temperature Transducer O/P (REF02)

A to D Converters
D to A Converters
Digital Voltmeters
Voltage Regulators
Threshold Detectors

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Analog Devices
REF01AZ/883C Voltage Reference

The REF0x series of precision voltage references provide a stable 10.0 V, 5.0 V, or 2.5 V output with minimal change in response to variations in supply voltage, ambient temperature or load conditions. The parts are available in 8-lead SOIC, PDIP, CERDIP, and TO-99 packages, as well as 20-terminal LCC packages (883 only), furthering the parts’ usability in both standard and high stress applications.

High output accuracy
REF01: 10.0 V, ±0.3% maximum
REF02: 5.0 V, ±0.3% maximum
REF03: 2.5 V, ±0.6% maximum
Adjustable output: ± 3% minimum
Excellent temperature stability
REF01: 8.5 ppm/°C maximum
REF02: 8.5 ppm/°C maximum
REF03: 50 ppm/°C maximum
Low noise
REF01: 30 μV p-p typical
REF02: 15 μV p-p typical
REF03: 6 μV p-p typical
High supply voltage range: up to 36 V maximum
Low supply current: 1.4 mA maximum
High load-driving capability: 10 mA maximum
Temperature output function
Precision data systems
High resolution converters
Industrial process control systems
Precision instruments
Military and aerospace applications

Part Number  Output Voltage  Input Voltage Range
REF01               10.0 V             12 V to 36 V
REF02               5.0 V              7.0 V to 36 V
REF03              2.5 V               4.5 V to 36 V



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