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Analog Devices
OP293EP Precision, Micropower Operational Amplifiers

The OP193 family of single-supply operational amplifiers features a combination of high precision, low supply current and the ability to operate at low voltages. For high performance in single supply systems the input and output ranges include ground, and the outputs swing from the negative rail to within 600 mV of the positive supply. For low voltage operation the OP193 family can operate down to 1.7 volts or ±0.85 volts.
The combination of high accuracy and low power operation make the OP193 family useful for battery powered equipment. Its low current drain and low voltage operation allow it to continue performing long after other amplifiers have ceased functioning either because of battery drain or headroom.
The OP193 family is specified for single +2 volt through dual ±15 volt operation over the HOT (–40°C to +125°C) temperature range. They are available in plastic DIPs, plus SOIC surface mount packages.

   Operates from +1.7 V to ±18 V
   Low Supply Current: 15 μA/Amplifier
   Low Offset Voltage: 75 μV
   Outputs Sink and Source: ±8 mA
   No Phase Reversal
   Single or Dual Supply Operation
   High Open-Loop Gain: 600 V/mV
   Unity-Gain Stable
   Digital Scales
   Strain Gages
   Portable Medical Equipment
   Battery Powered Instrumentation
   Temperature Transducer Amplifier

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