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Japan Radio Corporation
NJU7043D Input/Output Full-Swing High Output Current Dual C-MOS Operational Amplifier

The NJU7043 is a dual C-MOS operational amplifier permitting a full-swing input and output in full-swing under high load.
Based on C-MOS technology, there are excellent features such as high output current, low current consumption, low operating voltage.

● Oprating Voltage VDD=1.8 to 5.0V
● Input/Output Full-Swing
● High Output Current
   Isourse>40mA Vo
   Isink<-40mA typ. at Vo
● Input Offset Voltage VIO=7mV max.
● Wide Input Common Mode Voltage Range VSS to VDD
● Operating Current IDD=700µA typ.
● High Input Impedance 1TΩ typ.
● Low Input Bias Current IIB=1pA typ.
● Ground Sensing
● Tiny Package DIP8, DMP8, SSOP8, TVSP8

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