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LSM303DLHTR Sensor module: 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis magnetometer

The LSM303DLH is a system-in-package featuring a 3D digital linear acceleration sensor and a 3D digital magnetic sensor. The various sensing elements are manufactured using specialized micromachining processes, while the IC interfaces are realized using a CMOS technology that allows the design of a dedicated circuit which is trimmed to better match the sensing element characteristics. The LSM303DLH has a linear acceleration full-scale of ±2 g / ±4 g / ±8 g and a magnetic field full-scale of ±1.3 / ±1.9 / ±2.5 / ±4.0 / ±4.7 / ±5,6 / ±8.1 gauss, both fully selectable by the user. The LSM303DLH includes an I2C serial bus interface that supports standard mode (100 kHz) and fast mode (400 kHz). The internal self-test capability allows the user to check the functioning of the whole module in the final application. The system can be configured to generate an interrupt signal by inertial wakeup/free-fall events, as well as by the position of the device itself. Thresholds and timing of interrupt generators are programmable on the fly by the end user. Magnetic and accelerometer parts can be enabled or put in power-down mode separately. The LSM303DLH is available in a plastic land grid array (LGA) package, and is guaranteed to operate over an extended temperature range from -30 to +85 °C.

■ Analog supply voltage: 2.5 V to 3.3 V
■ Digital supply voltage IOs: 1.8 V
■ Power-down mode
■ 3 magnetic field channels and 3 acceleration channels
■ ±1.3 to ±8,1 gauss magnetic field full-scale
■ ±2 g/±4 g/±8 g dynamically selectable full scale
■ 16-bit data out
■ I2C serial interface
■ 2 independent programmable interrupt generators for free-fall and motion detection
■ Embedded self-test
■ Accelerometer sleep-to-wakeup function
■ 6D orientation detection
■ ECOPACK® RoHS and “Green” compliant (see Section 10)

■ Compensated compassing
■ Map rotation
■ Position detection
■ Motion-activated functions
■ Free-fall detection
■ Intelligent power-saving for handheld devices
■ Display orientation
■ Gaming and virtual reality input devices
■ Impact recognition and logging
■ Vibration monitoring and compensation

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