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Pulse Electronics
JP011821U PULSEJACK™ 1x1 Tab-UP RJ45

other parts : J1006  J1006F01P  J1006F01PNL  J1006F21  J1006F21NL  J1011  J1011F01P  J1011F01PNL  J1011F21P  J1011F21PNL  
JP011821U PDF
Pulse Electronics
JP011821UNL PULSEJACK™ 1x1 Tab-UP RJ45

other parts : J1006  J1006F01P  J1006F01PNL  J1006F21  J1006F21NL  J1011  J1011F01P  J1011F01PNL  J1011F21P  J1011F21PNL  

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