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Sony Semiconductor
CXA2546Q 3-band Electronic Volume

The CXA2546Q is a 2-channel electronic volume IC. A 34-bit serial data input controls the level and characteristics of the output signal. It may be used in car stereos and general audio systems.

• Loudness
• Volume control
   (from 0 dB to –80 dB, –∞ dB :
      Fine (1 dB-step)
      Coarse (2 dB-step)
• Balance
• Tone control
   (3-band, 2 dB-step from –15 dB to +15 dB)
• Fader
   2 dB-step to –20 dB, –25 dB, –30 dB, –45 dB, –60 dB, –∞ dB)
• Input and gain selector (4 channels)
• Serial data control (DATA, CLK, CE)
• Single 8 V power supply
• Zero-cross detection circuit
   (L/R independent operation for the volume block)
• Timer
• Power-off mute
• Countermeasure to the noise of the portable telephone



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