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CU3225K11G2 Ceramic transient voltage suppressors SMD disk varistors standard series

■ Electrical equivalents to leaded types SIOV-S05/S07
■ Operating voltage up to 300 VRMS
■ SMD plastic package
■ RoHS-compatible
■ Suitable for lead-free soldering
■ UL approved
■ CSA approved (types with voltages higher than 130 VRMS)
■ PSpice models available

■ Overvoltage protection and transient suppression in control electronics, detectors and
   sensors, touch screens, plug-in cards, remote controls

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CU3225K11G2 PDF
CU3225K11G2_02 Monolithic; Standard Series

■ Electrical equivalents to leaded
   types SIOV-S05/S07 up to 460 VRMS
■ Good solderability
■ PSpice models
■ Approvals: UL (all types) and CSA (≥ K130)

■ Cylindrical varistor element, encapsulated
■ Encapsulation: thermoplast, flame-retardant to UL 94 V-0
■ Termination: tinned copper alloy

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CU3225K11G2_02 PDF


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