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Atmel Corporation
AT6010ALV-4QC Coprocessor Field Programmable Gate Arrays

AT6000 Series SRAM-based Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) are ideal for use as reconfigurable coprocessors and implementing compute-intensive logic.
Supporting system speeds greater than 100 MHz and using a typical operating current of 15 to 170 mA, AT6000 Series devices are ideal for high-speed, compute-intensive designs. These FPGAs are designed to implement Cache Logic®, which provides the user with the ability to implement adaptive hardware and perform hardware acceleration.
The patented AT6000 Series architecture employs a symmetrical grid of small yet powerful cells connected to a flexible busing network. Independently controlled clocks and resets govern every column of cells. The array is surrounded by programmable I/O.
Devices range in size from 4,000 to 30,000 usable gates, and 1024 to 6400 registers. Pin locations are consistent throughout the AT6000 Series for easy design migration. High-I/O versions are available for the lower gate count devices.

• High-performance
   – System Speeds > 100 MHz
   – Flip-flop Toggle Rates > 250 MHz
   – 1.2 ns/1.5 ns Input Delay
   – 3.0 ns/6.0 ns Output Delay
• Up to 204 User I/Os
• Thousands of Registers
• Cache Logic® Design
   – Complete/Partial In-System Reconfiguration
   – No Loss of Data or Machine State
   – Adaptive Hardware
• Low Voltage and Standard Voltage Operation
   – 5.0 (VCC = 4.75V to 5.25V)
   – 3.3 (VCC = 3.0V to 3.6V)
• Automatic Component Generators
   – Reusable Custom Hard Macro Functions
• Very Low-power Consumption
   – Standby Current of 500 µA/ 200 µA
   – Typical Operating Current of 15 to 170 mA
• Programmable Clock Options
   – Independently Controlled Column Clocks
   – Independently Controlled Column Resets
   – Clock Skew Less Than 1 ns Across Chip
• Independently Configurable I/O (PCI Compatible)
   – TTL/CMOS Input Thresholds
   – Open Collector/Tristate Outputs
   – Programmable Slew-rate Control
   – I/O Drive of 16 mA (combinable to 64 mA)
• Easy Migration to Atmel Gate Arrays for High Volume Production

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