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Analog Devices
AD9842AJST Complete 20 MSPS CCD Signal Processors

The AD9841A and AD9842A are complete analog signal processors for CCD applications. Both products feature a 20 MHz single-channel architecture designed to sample and condition the outputs of interlaced and progressive scan area CCD arrays. The AD9841A/AD9842A’s signal chain consists of an input clamp, correlated double sampler (CDS), Pixel Gain Amplifier (PxGA), digitally controlled variable gain amplifier (VGA), black level clamp, and A/D converter. The AD9841A offers 10-bit ADC resolution, while the AD9842A contains a true 12-bit ADC. Additional input modes are provided for processing analog video signals.
The internal registers are programmed through a 3-wire serial digital interface. Programmable features include gain adjustment, black level adjustment, input configuration, and power-down modes. The AD9841A and AD9842A operate from a single 3 V power supply, typically dissipate 78 mW, and are packaged in a 48- lead LQFP.

   20 MSPS Correlated Double Sampler (CDS)
   4 dB ± 6 dB 6-Bit Pixel Gain Amplifier (PxGA®)
   2 dB to 36 dB 10-Bit Variable Gain Amplifier (VGA)
   Low Noise Clamp Circuits
   Analog Preblanking Function
   10-Bit (9841) or 12-Bit (9842) 20 MSPS A/D Converter
   Auxiliary Inputs with VGA and Input Clamp
   3-Wire Serial Digital Interface
   3 V Single Supply Operation
   Low Power: 65 mW @ 2.7 V Supply
   48-Lead LQFP Package

   Digital Still Cameras
   Digital Video Camcorders

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