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Aeroflex Corporation
ACT-SF2816N-26P3T High Speed 128Kx16 SRAM / 512Kx16 FLASH Multichip Module

■ 2 – 128K x 8 SRAMs & 2 – 512K x 8 Flash Die in One MCM
■ Access Times of 25ns (SRAM) and 60ns (Flash) or 35ns (SRAM) and 70 or 90ns (Flash) n Organized as 128K x 16 of SRAM and 512K x 16 of Flash Memory with Separate Data Buses
■ Both Blocks of Memory are User Configurable as 512KX8 AND 1MX8 Respectively
■ Low Power CMOS
■ Input and Output TTL Compatible Design
■ MIL-PRF-38534 Compliant MCMs Available
■ Decoupling Capacitors and Multiple

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