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Fuji Electric
2SK2025-01 N-channel MOS-FET

FAP-IIA Series

> Features
- High Speed Switching
- Low On-Resistance
- No Secondary Breakdown
- Low Driving Power
- High Voltage
- VGS = ± 30V Guarantee
- Avalanche Proof

> Applications
- Switching Regulators
- DC-DC converters
- General Purpose Power Amplifier

2SK2025-01 PDF
Inchange Semiconductor
2SK2025-01 N-Channel MOSFET Transistor

• Drain Current –ID= 4A@ TC=25℃
• Drain Source Voltage-
   : VDSS= 600V(Min)
• Fast Switching Speed

• Switching regulators
• DC-DC converters
• General purpose power amplifier

2SK2025-01 PDF


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